Chilly Challenge

Colin Tock on the Challenge message board has alerted us to a forecast by Weather Action that this May will be the coldest for 100 years with northerly winds and snow. As I’ve planned a relatively low route, snow shouldn’t be an issue but I’m thinking about whether to go slightly warmer for clothes. I’ve used Paramo as a mid/outer layer before. My Velez Adventure Light layers well under my OMM Cypher smock. It is not too heavy at 560g, packs smaller than conventional Paramo jackets and the side zips gives it good ventilation to cope with a wide range of temperatures.

I’m going to take my PHD Minimus jacket anyway both as a warm layer for camp and as a boost to my sleeping bag. I suspect that night time temperatures will not be as low as if it were fine weather with clear sky at night. I’m also taking some fleece leggings, so I’m reasonably happy that I’ll be warm.

Hopefully I’ll find out what’s wrong with my PC today. It might be a problem with the motherboard, in which case I’ll need to get a new computer. I could do without the hassle of reloading everything!


7 thoughts on “Chilly Challenge”

  1. Just back from a couple of nights in Skye where overnight temperatures were minus 3.5 with frost on the tents in the morning. Otherwise, the weather was glorious!

  2. Sound move, Robin.
    The Adventure Light is a good bit of kit but you will definitely need additional waterproofing! I am not sure how accurate that forecast is though… It looks like high pressure might build over the coming week or so over Scotland.

    1. I’ve often taken a hard shell in addition to Paramo. The lighter fabric layers well and the weight for the VAL is not too different to many soft shell jackets. Paramo is also a good deal more water resistant than most soft shells. The venting zips make it less prone to overheating.

  3. Sounds like a good system. I was in a Rohan shop yesterday and tried on the Windshadow Jacket. I really liked the grey colour and it fitted well however it went back on the shelf at £95.00! Even the blue on offer at £76.00 was too much!

    Would you not consider taking the above along?

  4. I don’t go anywhere overnight without an insulation layer, even in summer. I’m now wondering about whether to bring the 2nd piece as well. Defo the gas stove and sleeping bag not quilt though, for me. Soft shell trews are coming too, not just the terra’s. Alot can change in a week weather wise – think Alan’s right. Stay in touch!

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