The great brolly disaster

Much excitement this morning when I received my Euroschirm Dainty umbrella. This is a lightweight collapsible brolly weighing only 153g (160g on my scales). Excitedly I rushed to demonstrate my new found toy to my wife. I opened it only for the top section to come away from the rest of the shaft. Two ball bearings were rolling around the floor and it was impossible to reassemble.

I emailed Euroschirm to explain what had happened. Within a couple of hours, they replied apologising, saying that there was no need to return the brolly. I asked for the next model up, offering to pay the difference, but they are sending it at no extra charge. Fantastic customer service. I hope the next model up is a bit more robust!

As it happens, the GoLite umbrella seems to have been manufactured by Euroschirm. As it is not collapsible, I can’t see much will go wrong. It’s more bulky and awkward to pack, but I may take it on the TGOC instead. The real shame is that the canopy of my M&S collapsible brolly is not waterproof as it is an excellent umbrella. I’m wondering how I might waterproof the canopy.


7 thoughts on “The great brolly disaster”

  1. Shame about the Brolly. Yes it does look like the GoLite which i use was made by Euroschirm. I use the non collapsable one and it’s a fine brolly but under a heavy downpour you can get some spray through.(I think i have mentioned that before).
    I have waterproofed mine with some Grangers tent spray. Seems ok.

    I wonder if Silicon and white spirit mix of about 50:50 may work to proof it. And coat it using a kitchen sponge. I might try it next time on a small section and see how it goes.

  2. Robin – took the plunge today and went with your suggestion on the Trekking brolly from Rohan. They had it in their sale so the price was £38.50 rather than £55. Will be interesting to see how it performs. Looks like it is made by Euroschirm.

    1. I’m sure the heavier brollies are ok. I guess 160g tells you it’s not going to be very robust! All credit to them replying quickly and not quibbling.

  3. I’ve used a golite brolly for years and find the reliability far outweighs the fact it isn’t collapsible. All the collapsible ones I’ve used, do just that! And I end up carrying it to the nearest bin!

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