Hitting problems

While the planning for Dartmoor, getting train tickets an now packing has gone smoothly, we’ve hit a problem. We’ve known for two years that our little Jack Russell has had a problem with her leg, a laxating patella. Yesterday it got dramatically worse and she was hopping nearly all the time. It’s a bit better today, but we are taking her to the vet at tea time. It is very likely that she will have to have a serious op. The question is when? There’s no point in cancelling Dartmoor, so I shall go tomorrow but it calls into question whether I shall be able to go on the Challenge. She will need to be virtually immobile for two to three weeks. Try telling that to a Jack Russell! I dont think my wife will be able to cope on her own. The recovery period is about three months. Can it wait six weeks or is it urgent? We will have to make a decision when I get back. Life is never straightforward.


3 thoughts on “Hitting problems”

  1. Fingers crossed that all works out well for you and the dog. Hopefully the op is not urgent and can wait till you get back from the challenge.

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