Dartmoor, here I come

As part of the run up to the TGO Challenge, I had pencilled in a return to Dartmoor for April. My curtailed trip to Wales means that it’s even more vital to get a bit of time on the hills. I’ve recommenced a daily walking routine, but that’s no substitute for doing the real thing. I really enjoyed my walk on Dartmoor last year and have been keen to go back. So I’ll be off next Friday.

Bellever Tor

I booked the train tickets yesterday. This time I’m going to go to Exeter and connect to Okehampton by bus, which worked well for the return journey last year. I’m going to spend four and half days on the moor and attempt a circuit from Okehampton. The firing ranges are not being used on the first three days, so I’ll be able to have a good wander across the northern moor. Even when firing starts it will be only in the far west (Willsworthy), so it won’t bother me.

I’ve not sorted out a definitive route plan yet, but Dartmoor is one of those places where you only need a vague plan. It invites you to meander and wander to explore the glorious openness of the moor. One thing I’m looking for is good places to camp, so I’ve been hunting on Geograph for likely spots. More on planning later.


8 thoughts on “Dartmoor, here I come”

  1. As a suggestion, you could always attempt to cross from North to South Dartmoor. I don’t know how well you know the moors, but mid way through your trip you could stop in Princetown, which would make a great mid journey stop should you fancy a proper meal or drink or what-have-you. Then you could cross over the South part of the moor (which would rely more heavily on greater navigational skills, compass bearings etc: all great practice) and then head down to Ivybridge where you could catch a train or bus connection to Plymouth, and make your return journey home from there. Well, now I’ve just noticed you’ve already booked tickets, but hey perhaps this could be a suggestion for next time 🙂 It’s a great time of year to visit Dartmoor in my opinion, my favourite to be honest, as you’ll (hopefully) get a nice mix of sun AND rain, in turn you will be able to utilise and test your full kit. I’m looking forward to your write up, and if you could post your full kit list, that would be fantastic 🙂

    Enjoy it!

    Light Outdoor Gear Blogger

    1. I did Ivybridge to Okehampton last year. The disadvantage of Ivybridge is the infrequency of trains, which is why I did south to north. There are two or three buses an hour from Okehampton to Exeter, hence Okehampton is an easier start and finish point.

      1. Yeah, Ivybridge is rather limited in the frequency of trains running to it. If you ever wanted to start from the centre of Dartmoor there are some good bus services that are semi-frequent that will take you to Princetown, Postbridge etc. Sounds as if you have it sussed though 🙂

  2. Robin. Hope the weather will be kind. I’ll be out there that weekend too.
    If you want any local knowledge for points of interest along your route, message me via OM. Watern Oke always makes me pause for a wander and wonder. For greater flexibility there is a bus from Okehampton to Tavistock along the NW edge. pretty much hourly except sundays

    1. Thanks. As it happens, I plan to pass by Watern Oke 🙂

      I’ve planned a route but now I’m refining and making some bad weather alternatives. Forecast is mixed.

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