M&S canvas shoes

It’s always fun and rewarding to find something in mainstream retailers that can be used for lightweight backpacking, especially if it is cheap. Yesterday I dropped into M&S to have a quick look round and I spotted some canvas slip-on shoes. Picking them up, I couldn’t believe how light they were. Not only do they weigh very little, but they fold flat. At £9.50, they weren’t going to break the back, so I thought I’d get a pair.

When I got home, I was intrigued as to how much they weigh. So I popped them on the scales. They are an incredible 174g for the pair. As a pair of camp shoes, they are almost ideal. I’m going to spray them with Nilwak TX10 to add some water repellency. Lightweight doesn’t have to be expensive!

9 thoughts on “M&S canvas shoes”

  1. It is great when you unexpectedly hit on something that turns out to be brilliant. For what you want them for, they would seem to be ideal – light, cheap and perfect for the job in hand.

    I had an unexpected surprise with some Uniqlo base layers I got earlier this year which I reviewed on my blog – cheap, comfy and surprisingly effeicient. I was well-chuffed – as I guess you are with your find!

  2. May I also recommend M&S cotton grundies? In one style or another, Y-fronts or boxers, they’ve been on my backpacking trips since at least 1986. Apart from the waist band, cotton boxers even dry quicker after a wash than the synthetics I’ve tried.

  3. A good find. But i agree they will need waterproofing. Canvas takes an age to dry just like jeans. But at the price they are worth a go.

    1. TX10 spray-on seems to work. Putting them under the tap, the water rolls off. Probably not good enough for wet grass but ought to be good enough for the odd splash. You can get Nikwax for cotton as well.

  4. all you need now is a lightweight smoking jacket and pipe and you will be sorted 😀

    they are very packable not just light so thats a bonus

  5. Had to go into Manchester today. Checked out the shoes. Liked them, bought them, waterproofed them. Ideal for hols as well as a lightweight second shoe. Saw the same shoes in Next £19 and similar shoes in other retailers up to £30
    Well spotted Robin.

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