OookWorks Duomid hybrid inner

It was good to meet Sean, the man behind OookWorks in the Carneddau. He came bearing a very special package, my new Duomid hybrid inner. We’ve been plotting this little baby since November. The original brief was to make an inner for the Duomid that would weigh less than 300g. The first plan was to have walls which were half cuben, half mesh. However, on reflection and the experiences of Blogger Zed and his cuben walled Trailstar shelter, I decided that the end walls should be ripstop to allow some transpiration of water vapour but the long walls should remain cuben. The walls are 50cm high; enough to keep out breezes. I also wanted two pockets. The floor is a rather lovely grey Chikara. The end result weighs 315g, slightly above the anticipated weight, but small change in the overall scheme of things.

Now I think you will agree, when you see the pictures, Sean has done an absolutely outstanding job. I feel like I have the Rolls Royce of inners. I was stunned by its beauty when I first pitched it. The old nest is very good, but this one is jaw droppingly good. Normally, it takes a few tries to get the pitch right, but this ones pitched perfectly virtually from the word go.

The new bathtub groundsheet with corner struts has made a huge difference to the pitch. Although it is slightly shorter than the old inner, the upright walls of the bathtub make it feel bigger. Using Chikara was a bit of a punt when we originally talked about it, but I think its going to be good. It feels reassuringly robust, unlike a cuben groundsheet. It is slightly slippery, but less so than silnylon. It does rustle slightly but not that you’d notice. It also shrugs off moisture well. So much so, that it was hardly wet when I packed next morning.

The combination of ripstop and cuben is pleasing both aesthetically and functionally. OK it was only one night, but there was no condensation at either end, nor on the cuben walls. I can imagine there may be times where I might get some dampness on the cuben, but I won’t get a damp sleeping bag foot. The mesh above the solid walls, makes for a pleasantly airy feel. In the old inner, it could feel a little claustrophobic at times, but the mesh changes that completely.

The new linelok tensioning system at the apex is much better than the previous shock cord system. It makes for a perfect “drape”. Another innovation is that the mid-level shock cord tensioners can be adjusted from inside the tent. Not surprisingly, the whole thing packs down very small. The cost was £180, which I consider extremely reasonable for a high quality piece of work. If you want one, it may cost you a bit more, as I know that materials costs have risen since I paid for mine last year. However, when you consider the work and care that goes into these and that many people don’t think twice about blowing £250 on a waterproof jacket, I think it’s a bit of a bargain.

You can stop blushing now, Sean. More pictures from Sean’s blog can be seen here.

This piece of gear was bought with my own money and I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in OookWorks, in case you are wondering. I do think that Sean is a jolly nice chap, though.

21 thoughts on “OookWorks Duomid hybrid inner”

  1. Really hope it continues working for you.

    I like the look of the Duomid with a nest. It’s more open than the Trailstar and even reminds me a little of the Blacks tents which began my camping experience.

  2. Interestingly I have been in correspondence with Sean about a similar design, though I think I will stay away from cuben and my thinking was to have full netting at the front. Your post has convinced me of the quality of Sean’s work and the applicability of the design of the inner for my needs. Now I need to make the final decision. Thanks for posting.

  3. Looks the dogs that Robin/Sean. I used to backpack with the Blacks GP tent with the external A frame. It didn’t seem heavy then.

    1. I can remember lugging half of one on the South Downs to camp at Chanctonbury Ring. Brilliant tent, but not UL.

  4. Robin. What is the complete weight of the Duomid and inner, with pegs? Looks good and I am pleased to see quality products from British companies. BTW, I have lugged up half a Blacks Good Companion to the top of Chanctonbury Ring . Lived in Sussex for many years. That was the time before those magnificent trees were felled by the Hurricane of 87′

    1. Silnylon Duomid fly 585g (seam sealed)
      Cuben Duomid fly 385g
      OookWorks hybrid inner 315g
      OookWorks original inner 571g
      Pegs (10 titanium, 6 Easton) 143g
      BPL pole extender 33g

  5. Robin,
    I am very interested in what you have done.
    I might use ripstop instead of the cuben.
    What are the dimensions of the inner? I am interested in the size of the porch.
    What pole do you use for the duomid? How much dou have to slant it out?
    Why do you use so many pegs? British weather can be similar at times to SE Australia with a lot of wind.

    Hope to hear from you,
    Gordon Bedford

    1. Ripstop is a reasonable option. I used cuben to save a bit of weight. Inner dimensions are 80cm W and about 215cm L. I use trekking poles with a pole extender (I’ve got both versions!). It slants out slightly but not much. I carry four Easton pegs for the corners which need to be secure and titanium pins for the rest. The Duomid has a total of 12 pegging points including guys. I’m getting a couple of extra added to my cuben Duomid on the rear to stop the cuben flapping. the Nest also need two pegs. Personally, I think the Duomid is not entirely suited to high winds. It won’t fly away but it will flap quite a lot. The Trailstar is probably better if high winds are a concern. Hope that helps.

      It’s worth discussing your requirements with Sean

  6. Hi Robin,
    Just curious, how much ‘usable’ length is there in the inner? say with a foots vertical clearance? I’ve got a duomid on the way, and I’m considering an inner, but I’m 6’3″ and I’m not convinced it will work for me 🙂
    Cheers, Lachlan

    1. From memory, the length is about 220cm. Because the walls slope, it could be a bit tight for you when you add a bit extra for sleeping bag. You’d be better off in a Scarp where the end walls are vertical are to a decent height.

  7. Hi Robin, do you have any idea as to where I could get an inner made the same as yours, in the UK, other than Oookworks?

  8. Hi Robin

    Looking at ordering something similar to this. Would like to know your opinion regarding using cuben for the solid walls. Is Ripstop preferable for breathability?

    1. Ripstop is best. I had the cuben replaced as I found the lack of breathbility led to condensation. Not severe, but enough to be annoying. For the sake of a few extra grams, breathable ripstop is preferable (and cheaper) IMO.

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