Carneddau disappointment

I’m used to weather changing my plans, but this is the first time I’ve had to cut short a trip because of a common cold! On Tuesday I had one of the best journeys ever up to North Wales with no hold ups whatsoever. I was feeling good. I wandered over to Maeneira to pitch my tent, contemplating an excellent few days. However, I woke up with a scratchy throat. It’ll pass, I thought.

Camp at Maeneira

My plan was an easy walk round to Ffynnon Llugwy via Llyn Cowlyd. By the time I reached the end of Llyn Cowlyd, it was obvious that I was indeed going down with a cold. The climb up to Llugwy was a bit more tiring than it should have been. After pitching the tent, I was serenaded for nearly an hour by a helicopter buzzing around doing some kind of training exercise.

Ffynnon Llugwy

A disturbed night’s sleep confirmed that I would have to reconsider my plans. Despite having a Pipedream 600 sleeping bag and the air temperature not dropping below 6c, I felt a bit cool just before dawn, a clear sign that things were not right. My original plan had been to climb Carnedd Llewelyn and then head down Cwm Eigiau, but instead I just reversed the previous day’s route, on the basis that there was very little ascent.

Lunch spot above Llyn Cowlyd

I had a lovely lunch above Llyn Cowlyd. All the while I was think about the next couple of days. I had arranged to meet Dave (Backpackbrewer) and Sean of OookWorks fame together with his partner Jo for some walking. The route that I had planned seemed unfeasible given my worsening cold. I exchanged a number of texts with them to explain what had happened.

Duomid and OookWorks hybrid inner

We met as arranged at the car park and headed to Maeneira to camp. I swapped the Scarp for the Duomid as Sean had brought the new inner that he had made for me. I was excited to see Sean’s handiwork, more of that in another post. We had a very convivial evening, apart from my increasing snuffling. It became clear to me overnight that my best course of action was to head home the next day. Even doing  a couple of day walks would be too much and I didn’t want to spoil the enjoyment for the others.

Packing up to leave

The warmth of the sun in the morning led to a relatively leisurely breakfast. It seemed a shame to leave, especially as the promised good weather seemed to have arrived. At the car park we said our farewells. I drove home leaving the others to a fine day’s walk. On the positive side, I’d had three night camping and a couple of reasonable walks in one of my favourite areas. It was a real shame not to be able to do the walks I’d planned with Dave, Sean and Jo, but there’s not much I could do about it. It was a real pleasure to meet them and hopefully we’ll meet up again.

The famous tree and not a cloud in the sky

14 thoughts on “Carneddau disappointment”

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I had to abandon a trip to the Arans last week. I had managed to catch some bug from one of my daughters. I felt very under the weather on the way up to the summit of Aran Benllyn. I ended up being sick a couple of times and decided that carrying on for another two days wasn’t a good idea. So if anyone finds a couple of piles of diced carrots near the summit they know who to blame:)


  2. Hello,

    Sorry to hear of your cold and curtailed walk. may I be cheeky as together with my brother in law we may have three days spare at the beginning of April and the area you just described is an option. Would you be willing to share the proposed route you had planned with the others?

    Many thanks

    1. I was going to do the Cwm Eigiau ridge east to west to Carnedd Llewelyn, then walk the ridge north to Drum. I’ve done most of this route before, mostly with a day pack. The Cwm Eigiau ridge is a fine walk and surprisingly tough. Hope you have a good time.

  3. Such a shame Robin, we wait, plan, pack, drive and then this happens. So sorry mate, hope you get over it soon and do it again.

  4. Don’t go screwing yourself up prior to the big one – Remember Darren was quite ill before his first Challenge – and it knocked him for six.
    Get well and fully fit, fella
    All the best

    1. Cheers. That was my thought exactly and one reason why I decided to come home. Flogging yourself when you are unwell is not a good idea and I knew that the Cwm Eigiau ridge is a tough one. I’m sure I’ll be ok.

  5. There’s a lot of it about.
    Everywhere I go there are sick people.

    You may be better off just staying in the hills!

  6. There’s a lot of it about.
    Everywhere I go there are sick people conspiring to pass on some horrid mutated virus to me.

    You are probably better off just staying in the clean air of the hills.

    1. Since I retired, this is only my second cold, which I put down to not travelling on the tube. The occasional cold is actually good for you as it boosts the immune system, but it’s not much fun!

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