Hibernation over

Tomorrow I will be off for a few days in the Carneddau. On Wednesday and Thursday I will be walking on my own. Friday and Saturday, I will be accompanied by Dave, the Backpackbrewer and Sean of OookWorks. Sean will be delivering my new hybrid Duomid nest, which looks superb. Unfortunately it won’t be used with my cuben Duomid as a manufacturing defect means it will have to be returned to MLD. More on that at a later date. However, all is not lost as I will take my silnylon Duomid. I will also be taking my Scarp for camping high. Effectively I will have two 2-day hikes, so there will be a bit of mix ‘n’ match on gear. The weather forecast looks very promising with high pressure building over the week and into the weekend. So, toodle pip, and you will get a week off from my blethering.


6 thoughts on “Hibernation over”

  1. am really looking forward to this as its my first “away from the Beacons” trip this year.

    The weather does look promising and I am looking forward to seeing both you and Sean. We might have to have a few medicinal drinks.

    Watch out for Sean though. He has a habit of running around half naked in the middle of the night 🙂

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