TGOC 2012 route overview

As we are seeing TGOC routes being published in the bloggersphere, I thought I’d better confess to mine. I start in Oban on Friday 15th May and finish on Weds 23rd or Thurs 24th. Total distance is 278km (174m) and ascent is 6,159m (20,207ft). However this excludes some potential side trips. If I’m feeling OK and weather conditions are OK there may be some side trips up Buachaille Etive Mor, Ben Alder and Mount Keen. Nearer the time I’ll do some posts on each day’s route. Next week I’ll be doing a bit of training in North Wales and meeting up with a couple of ne’er-do-wells.


6 thoughts on “TGOC 2012 route overview”

  1. A fine stravaig, indeed! These walks statistics melt away to oblivion when you are in the middle of bugger all, with curlew calling and snipe drumming.

    All of life’s problems melt away to infinity.

    Have a wonderful walk, Robin!

  2. Looks good Robin – every time I see another person’s route I think “should I have started there?”. But then I look back at my own and think “naaah, if I get across this one, I can start there another time”.

    You won’t regret a trip up the Buckle if everything is groovy. If you haven’t been up before, the view across Rannoch from the summit is outstanding – truly! If you have been up it (and had a view) then you’ll know what I am banging on about.

    If you are unlucky enough, you might bump into me coming out of Glen Feshie on the Geldie Burn. By that time I could well be foaming at the mouth and walking around in circles! Feel free to avoid, or offer assistance!

  3. Buachaille Etive Mor is a fantastic view and enjoy. Be careful with what way you go up by. Looks a fine route. Get out of town and wild camp ASAP and enjoy Robin.

  4. Of the two hill Buckle Etive More or Ben alder , I personally prefer Ben Alder. A magnificent large hill in a remote area it is for me one of the best I have had the pleasure of being on. If Alan is correct, you will be so free that you will make the choices that suit at the time. I too wish you a great walk.

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