Re-guying the Scarp

You only find out the weaknesses of gear when the conditions get extreme. Last year, camping below Scafell, I encountered strong gusty winds overnight. The Scarp relies on the four corners being securely pegged to retain its shape and puts a lot of strain on these points. One of the guys slipped through the linelok, which lead to one corner of the tent coming half collapsing. It wasn’t a disaster and was soon rectified. However, it alerted me to the possibility that the combination of 2mm deyneema cord and lineloks was not always totally secure.

Last week there was an exchange on Twitter suggesting that the cord that Mountain Laurel Designs  supply with their shelters never slips (which I think is 2.5mm, but I can’t find specs anywhere). I’ve not guyed my Duomids with the supplied cord, so I have some surplus. I will guy the corner pegging points of the Duomids with the MLD cord, but I decided that I’d experiment first with re-guying my Scarp.

You can see the results in the pictures above and below. I decided to revert to the normal Scarp guy configuration, partly because it saves a bit of cord and partly because I think the modified system is overcomplicated, even though it does save two pegs. 2.5mm cord is awkward to thread through the lineloks, so a bit of patience is required. It also requires larger size lineloks for the side guys. Fortunately I had a couple spare from another tent.

It is impossible to thread 2.5mm cord through the retaining eyelets for the crossing poles, so these need to have their own cord. I retained the original 2mm cord for these as they don’t take much strain. It also means that the 2.5mm guys need to be tied off at ground level, to leave the linelok free for the crossing pole retainer. The fact that the guy can only be adjusted through the top linelok is not an issue.

I’ve also utilised some plastic sail rings on the corner guys for the pegs, which makes pegging and adjustment a lot smoother. The mod probably adds about 20g to the overall weight, but the issue of slippage is, hopefully, a thing of the past.


4 thoughts on “Re-guying the Scarp”

  1. Nice one Robin. Was planning to change my guys after experiencing similar lineloc/guy slippages ( as discussed on OM last year) Was wondering about the xpole loops. Using a ring for the peg will make the guy run easier when adjusting from the top only. Good solution. What sort/size of rings did you use? (link?)

    I made a long guy line (for my Scarp 2) to attatch at the center loop on the fly “roof” Henry Shires put that loop there specifically for guying out with a hiking or ski pole. Line from the fly loop to a clove hitch around the pole handle then down to its own stake or the center end stake. This is just more fly support in that wide, unsupported area.

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