MYOG A frame

Fancy making an A frame out of your trekking poles? Well it’s dead simple using some 15mm polythene plumbing pipe and a right angle join from your local DIY store. The picture above is self-explanatory. The length from the apex of the bend to bottom of the pipe is 15cm. With the overlap on the trekking pole, that gives an extra 10cm of length. The total distance from handle to apex is 140cm. In this example I’ve made it into an equilateral triangle, with the base also 140cm. The vertical height of the of the arch is 120cm.

I secured the base of the triangle with a bit of cord and cord locks (cord locks not shown in photos as I added them later). The base length can be varied as the poly pipe has a certain amount of flexibility. This flexibility limits how long the poly A frame can be. 25cm is probably the limit. Weight is just over 50g. The end of the pipe fits very snugly over the tip of a trekking pole, in this case Leki carbon fibre poles. It’s not long enough to use on a Duomid, but should work on a Solomid or something like a Gram-counter Gear LiteHouse or a Saunders Jetpacker.


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