Salomon XA Pro Ultra and X-Over preliminary view

Salomon XA Pro Ultra

I’ve been using both of these shoes for nearly a month now, mainly for dog walking and it’s obvious they are very different shoes. The XA Pros feel like running shoes, while the X-Overs feel like leisure shoes.

The XA Pros fit my feet well. Even though I’ve taken one size up, the fit is very good with no sloppiness. The lacing system pulls my heel firmly back into the heel cup. While there is some cushioning, I feel in touch with the terrain. They are slightly stiff to start with, but are now perfect, giving the right balance of flexibility and support. Not surprisingly, they share some similarities with the Fastpacker boots, given they have a similar chassis. I really like them. My one gripe is the tread pattern is quite shallow, so I wouldn’t trust them on muddy slopes.

The X-Overs flatter to deceive. They look good, with a superior sole pattern compared with the XA Pros. However, the tongue is over padded and the lacing system is not precise enough to keep my heel firmly located in the heel cup. They feel quite sloppy. The front section of the sole is also very soft, which seems to make them less stable. It’s not that they are uncomfortable, just that they don’t feel positive enough to go off piste. They are fine as leisure shoes, which is what I’ll use them for, but they don’t hack it as backpacking shoes.

It’s a shame that the XA Pros don’t have the tread pattern of the X-Overs, as I think that would make a fine shoe. In summary, the XA Pros are good shoes, suitable for backpacking, although the shallow tread limits where you might want to use them, but the X-Overs are really a lifestyle/leisure shoe rather than a serious approach shoe.

Salomon X-Over


11 thoughts on “Salomon XA Pro Ultra and X-Over preliminary view”

  1. hi Robin,
    Even though Salomon boots don’t suit me. The XA-3D Pro Ultra’s do. I have been wearing the same pair for years, not sure how many but i bet its about 5. I can’t wear them out. The uppers and insides are superb. The lacing system does a good job once you have got used to it.
    I would have liked a slightly deeper tread but the pattern is good.
    No complaints, great shoe.

  2. Have a pair of XA-3D Pro Ultra’s and worn them for walking the dog, to walk to work and kicking around for a long time. They wear well, are comfy and the sole depth rules them out on the hills for me. Shame.

  3. I too have been using the XA pro 3d for a couple of years in the Scottish highlands. My only gripe would be like yu the tread pattern could have been a bit more aggressive. Although I managed ok i did end up on my backside a few times.

    I’ve recently been using a pair of Speedcross 2 something or others. The fit is fairly similar although I had to go up a half size but damm that sole unit is aggressive! Seems to be the perfect Salomon shoe for so far.
    When my Keens finally bite the dust I may look at the Salomon mid models asa replacement.

    1. I agree, if the tread pattern was deeper I think they would be excellent. If you are interested in the Salomon mids, the Fastpackers have quite a similar chassis and feel and the tread pattern is deeper. I’ve always found them to have a good grip, although others have found them not so good on wet grass. A shoe version of the Fastpackers would be ideal. Salomon did one briefly but it never made it to the UK.

  4. Robin – I have a question, which relates more to Salomon Exits, which I believe you have. I have been very impressed with the comfort and particularly the cushioning of my Quests. For spring and summer I would like to go for some Salomon mids. Do you think the Exits would give similar levels of comfort and cushioning to the Quests? Or given your experience with Salomon do you have any other recommendations in their range?

      1. Robin – thanks for your efforts in trying to help me out. I saw these on F& T – good price too. I have quite small feet and would take 7.5 for these with a thin sock which I would prefer in the summer – can’t seem to find them in this size. I can with Exits.

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