Pocket Stove

Hats off to Bob for producing some highly innovative British made lightweight stoves: the Pocket Stove and the Honey Stove. I’ve used gas almost exclusively for cooking. However, there are some attractions to other fuels like meths and wood, as Andy Howell has pointed out, especially travelling in Europe. So I thought I’d give the titanium pocket stove a whirl.

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There’s a picture slide show above, showing the Pocket Stove, its components and an Evernew Ti meths burner together with the Evernew DX stand/stove. The pocket stove weighed 55g on my scale (1g less than advertised!). I also bought the Evernew Ti trivet (14g). The Pocket stove, Evernew burner and trivet come to a total weight of 105g.

The beauty of the Pocket Stove is its compactness and the adaptability of using it as a windshield for a meths burner or as a wood stove. It’s very easy to assemble and surprisingly robust. It stays assembled nicely when you’d expect it to fall apart. I’ve not used it yet, but it does tempt me to dabble with meths and wood, especially for short trips. I reckon Bob has produced a winner here.


17 thoughts on “Pocket Stove”

  1. It looks like it would work well with solid fuel blocks as well – I’ve got a folding hexi stove at the moment, but looking at this I’m thinking it may be an even smaller alternative. Can you post a link to the maker’s site?

  2. I’ve just watched Bob’s video and am quite tempted, I usually use a clone and small tonic tin stove or triad. but this would be more durable. Quick go out and try it!

  3. I love the fact that it folds flat! I have a Trail Designs Caldera wind shield and its great with my MSR Ti pot but the roundness of it is a bugger when storing it your pack

    I do like the look of the Evernew stove as I have squashed 2 pepsi can stoves so far and the titanium looks a better bet!

    All you need now is a trip to test them on πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Robin,
    How would Bobs stove cope if the ground was uneven. Would the sides have a tendency to come apart.? Just a thought.
    I do like it.
    Will it take a std Trangia burner? I presume it will. For the difference in burner weights i don’t think i would get the titanium one.

    1. In the configuration with the base plate it is very solid. Without the base plate, it’s still pretty good. A small piece of level ground is needed to provide stability. If you look at Bob’s video, a Trangia burner fits perfectly.

  5. Thanks Robin,
    Spoke to Bob today, Shhh, he’s on holiday. Managed to get hold of the last pocket stove. Phew.
    Just as an aside, I would love to know if the titanium copy of the original trangia burner is any more efficient. Any chance you could do a simple comparison boil test on the pocket stove?

    1. Not sure I’ve still got my Trangia burner. I’ll have a look. If you look at Bob’s write up on the Evernew, if you use a DX stand or trivet, the boil time for 500ml is 6-7 mins, which I’m sure is faster than the Trangia. I seem to remember some tests suggested that the Evernew is fast but a bit thirsty. It’s a nice stove. Really well made.

  6. Mine came this morning and I’ve been having a play. It will deffo replace my flissure clone, it’s minimally heavier but is possibly simpler to construct and will still fit inside my pot. It’s as stable and easily more stable than a cannister stove. I didn’t have enough meths to test it fully with my pop can stove and the Triad but I think I’ll use the Triad, It’s slower but who’s in a rush anyway! The fun was wood burning. Whilst it had me grinning like an idiot and thinking about getting a Ray Mears box set I’ve got a couple of observations:
    1. You need to be organised – I lit some kindling – dead Russian Vine with a bit of cotton wool smeared with Vaseline easily with a flint but you need to have lots of fuel ready to go, slimmer than little finger thickness seemed ideal. As it was I didn’t and had to run about like a madman finding dry twigs to keep it going. Even burning down it would easily reignite by blowing.
    2. It makes a mess of your pots and you end up stinking of wood smoke.
    But if organised with fuel it would boil half a litre in about 10 mins I reckon. Given the mess and smell though I think this would just be a back up mode.

  7. The pocket stove is a commercial version of the wood stove designed and published by the famous hiker Nimblewell Nomad.

    1. While there are similarities, the pocket stove is smaller and more stable. It also has a perforated base plate and a different front plate, so while it has some similarities, the Pocket Stove is a different design. I think Bob has put a lot of thought into the Pocket Stove, particualrly the way it can be used with meths burners and esbit tablets. Nimblewill’s stove: http://www.nimblewillnomad.com/stove.htm

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