Exped shrink bag and schnozzel

Recently I bought a 20L Exped shrink bag and schnozzel. As they are unavailable in the UK, I had to order from Unterwegs in Germany. German prices are little different from UK prices for comparable products, but shipping was quite expensive at €13.80. The picture above shows the uncompressed size.The picture below shows the compressed size with an Alpkit Pipedream 600 sleeping bag. The “valve” is actually just a hole with a flap to seal, but it works fine. It is certainly effective in compressing a bulky sleeping bag, if you kneel on the shrink bag.

I’ve also bought a Synmat UL (which I’ll post on at a later date). I was intrigued by the schnozzel attachment to convert the shrink bag into a pump. The concept is similar to the pump bag Exped provided with their original down mats. Because the shrink bag is 20L, it is much more effective as a pump than the original smaller pump bags. It takes around five goes to fully inflate the Synmat. It’s a lot easier than blowing up by mouth. As with all Exped products, the quality is unimpeachable. Both products are well worth considering if you have an Exped mat. Weights are 182g for the shrink bag and 26g for the schnozzel.


4 thoughts on “Exped shrink bag and schnozzel”

  1. I have a solution that’s a little lighter. I take a normal garbage bag, swing it around to fill it with air, clamp the opening around the valve of my neoair and I press out the air. Repeat 3 times and the mat is full. I don’t know exactly, but I seem to remember that a garbage bag weighs around 10 grams.

    I don’t know if this system would work with the exped valves, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make a garbage bag work with a short bit of tube that fits in the valve or something like that.

  2. hi mate just bought a ul mat and sold on my neo ..looking at this but is there a new ?? schnozzel bag out now had a quick look and seems to come complete with the ? adaptor section? ….my prob now is my winter synmat has the older male nozzeles and the new one has the female nozzeles,flat type hmmmmm some thinking involved have found that if i turn my old exped mat bag(which can be used to blow up the male,external type nozzele up) if i turn it unside out and FRIG the flap in the valve it will blow up the new one ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? hope your latest trip went well ….peter

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