Dartmoor video

I’ve put together another video slide show to the music of Harold Budd. This time it’s my walk across Dartmoor in April last year. It’s about six minutes long so get a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and relax.


8 thoughts on “Dartmoor video”

  1. Love the look of that big stone circle – very atmospheric. I’ve only been to Dartmoor once, for a weekend about 10 years ago. Always said I wanted to go back and do some backpacking there and this has just fired the idea back up again!

    1. Only place outside Scotland where wild camping is legal. I want to go back this year and do a complete circuit. Magical place.

  2. very nice again Robin. The area is bigger than you imagive at first glance so lots of places to get lost in. I love Drizzlecombe and Nun’s Cross having been to that particular area several times in the past couple of years.
    Lots of history, lots of wildness and lots of character

  3. Lovely! Fascinating and atmospheric place. never walked on Dartmoor but used to go for days out to all the well known bits on family holidays to Westward Ho when I was a nipper. Haytor, Postbridge, Widecombe and all that, used to love it there

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