Blair Atholl to Aviemore

I love putting pictures to the music of Harold Budd, so here’s another slide show with music. Blair Atholl to Aviemore via Glen Tilt and the Lairig Ghru is a classic backpacking trip. I did this in 2007. Although mainly dry, there was some rain right at the beginning and a spectacular snow shower opposite The Devil’s Point, which made for some moody pictures. Brew a cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoy a three-minute journey through the Cairngorms.


16 thoughts on “Blair Atholl to Aviemore”

  1. Very nice Robin.

    I havent got anything by Harold Budd apart from his collaboration with The Cocteau Twins on the album “The Moon and the Melodies”. Very appropriate music for the video and gets one in the mood for contemplating long journeys

      1. I’ve already started Robin. Thanks for sharing the video and music. I would (one day) like to do a few videos/pictures to music myself

        Far too lazy at the moment though 🙂

  2. Very enjoyable stuff. Some familiar views and some great cloudscapes as you approached the Lairig. I’m planning a BA-AV this spring but hoping to go via the tops rather than the glens. Hopefully similar conditions will prevail…!

  3. Planning to walk this route, in reverse, with some friends in June. Looking forward to it. Not sure whether to camp for two or three nights. Not sure what opportunities there may be for camping as we approach the Lairig. Any suggestions Robin? We can catch any train from BA to Aviemore but if we leave Aviemore too early, my concern is that we won’t want to stop till late afternoon and there are then no decent camping spots!

    1. After the Cairngorm Club Footbridge there’s a big clearing which is a popular place to camp. Beyond that there’s not much until you reach the Pools of Dee. The Pools of Dee have some limited places to camp. The next chance is either Corrour Bothy or the couple of miles north of the Chest of Dee. Anywhere (more or less) from Bynack Lodge down to the Falls of Tarf is good camping territory. From the Falls of Tarf, you’ll need to go about 2-3 miles further south. From Forest Lodge to Gilberts Bridge there are some opportunities as well, but there are some fields, so you need to have some discretion. Hope that helps.

  4. Juices are well and truly flowing now. Go on, do another. Might have a go myself if you don’t mind me nicking the format.

    1. It’s very easy to do in Picasa. In some ways I prefer a slide show to an actual video. I do have a cheap very lightweight video camera but I’ve never got round to using it!

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