Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 GTX

I should have written a post on these a while ago. I bought a pair cheap in a sale just before Christmas, with a similar logic in mind to the X-Over shoes. However, these are a proper running shoe, but have a GoreTex liner.

Strangely the flex is slightly stiffer than the X-Overs and the sole under the fore foot is more cushioned. They share the 3D chassis with a very firm heel cup. The overall stiffness meant they required a couple of walks before they loosened up.

The lacing system is the Salomon Quicklace system with the pros and cons I outlined before. The tongue is less padded so a bit of care is needed not to over tighten.

It might seem a bit controversial to have a pair of shoes with a GTX lining. I’m not a huge fan of wet feet and I was keen to try a shoe that would keep me reasonably dry. My experience of GTX linings in my Fastpackers has been favourable. I’ve not found them particularly sweaty. I expect the Ultras to be even better as they don’t cover my ankles.

I’ve used them quite a lot for dog walks and like them. It’s good not to get wet feet. As the weather has been cool, it’s not surprising that my feet have not been sweaty. Grip is difficult to assess as I’ve not been on any demanding terrain. I suspect they will be ok, perhaps better on wet grass but worse on wet rock.

TBH, again, I see these as lowland shoes. I’ve found contouring on slopes in shoes uncomfortable compared with boots, so I’d rather use light boots in the hills. However, on gentler trails, especially in spring and autumn, I think these will be a good choice. Apologies for this seeming like a Salomon lovefest, but they do make good footwear and they fit me perfectly.


11 thoughts on “Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 GTX”

  1. I have the non laminate pair and I do get sweaty in the summer. Winter time with a pair of merino socks and they seem absolutely fine. I have noted that the grip is beginning to wear. The lacing system seems to be holding strong and they don’t often come loose. Like you mentioned they fit straight from the box and this holds true for me.

    Best pair of shoes I’ve ever had.

  2. I find my non gtx ones a bit too light and thin under the foot. I bought them thinking they might match the comfort and fit of my Fastpackers (now in their third winter and going strong) but for summer walking, but they don’t so they have been relegated to knocking about in.

  3. I had a pair of Salomon trainers with the quick lace system, I had to have the lock system replaced twice, other than that they where extremely comfy and performed very well. However I have been put off buying other Salomon lace system trainers purely because of the problems I had with them.

  4. I bought the non-gore ones from everybodys fave store F&T in their autumn sale. I also have been having a long term love in with Salomon. Great gear!

  5. to goretex line or not. that is the question. I have had one pair of goretex lined shoes and the fit on them I found was much stiffer and uncomfortable than non lined equivalents (same shoe and make)

    I have been walking this winter, as I generally do, in my unlined shoes. If I know its going to rain alot I will wear goretex socks otherwise I dont bother. I tend to walk hot so even if my feet get wet in winter they dont get cold.

    I will have to try some Salomons on soon however, there appears to be a groundswell of positive opinion about them

    1. Until the past few years, I’ve avoided lined shoes and boots. However, recent iterations seem to be a lot better. I prefer a lined shoe to wearing a Goretex sock, but in summer I think I’d go with unlined and use a sock for the odd occasion. Again, personal view, but I prefer light boots in the hills, so my Fastpackers get the nod. Even in hot conditions they work well. However, I know you don’t like boots. I have bought some neoprene socks as well to try. The XA Pros also come in an unlined version.

      1. Shoes are definitely “horses for courses” items of kit. The fit, the style, the type of walking done, etc, etc.
        I’ll try some more lined shoes as they are definitely preferable to unlined shoes from a snow/rain perspective.
        The Montrail CTCs came in a lined version and they were a completely “different” shoe. I guess I really have to get off the Montrail bus and try another brand again 😀

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