Incoming: Salomon X-Over shoes

I am fortunate that my feet seem to be the same shape as the last that Salomon use for their shoes and boots. I can be fairly confident that any Salomon footwear that I order online will fit straight from the box. I’ve been looking around for a trail shoe since walking the Peddars Way. For lowland trails, boots are overkill. I still prefer lightweight boots like the Fastpackers for the hills but using trail shoes on the PW would have been more sensible than the boots I used.

Most “trail shoes” are really designed for running. The X-Overs take many of the features of running shoes but turn them into an approach shoe. They remind me a bit of the Montrail CTC shoes. The soles are relatively soft rubber with chevron treads. I suspect they will be grippy in most circumstances but I also expect they would get clogged in very muddy conditions.

It’s a personal thing, but I don’t particularly like the very open mesh used in running shoes when I’m walking. I find them a bit cold in breezy conditions. They are also a bit like blotting paper. The mesh on the X-Overs is more closed and I suspect wind resistant. I doubt whether they will keep out water for very long, being unlined, but they do have a low profile rubber rand, which should give some modest protection against puddles. There is also a soft rubber toe bumper.

While the forefoot is flexible, the heel has a very solid cup. The X-Over uses the Salomon 3D chassis system, similar to the Quest and Comet boots. Consequently the heel section is fairly rigid and gives good support.

The tongue is quite heavily padded, which is a help as the laces are very thin. The lacing system uses the Salomon Quicklace system. All it requires is one pull on the laces and they lock using a pulley system. I’ve found this to be very effective on other Salomon shoes, but it takes some time to get used to and benefits from a bit of micro adjustment. The only drawback is that you can’t really adjust the upper and lower laces. I’ve not found this a problem in the past, but it might be an issue for others.

At 365g per shoe (size 9), they are fairly light. I rather like the colour scheme. I bought mine for £85. Once the weather improves a bit, I shall take them out on a few dog walks to see how they shape up.


11 thoughts on “Incoming: Salomon X-Over shoes”

  1. I see what you mean by looking vaguely CTC-ish. You’ll have to let me know how they perform. I am still on the hunt for a decent pair of approach shoes to replace my rapidly fading CTCs.
    I did get out in the snow in my Montrail Streaks for a laugh. Wore sealskinz socks and they were fine even though the streaks are really meshy!

  2. Like the tread pattern. I havn’t tried that style. Salomon shoes don’t suit my feet unfortunately but it will be interesting to see what you think of them contouring , grip and drying time in comparison to your others.

  3. Robin where did you get them from, really like the look of them but I have small feet size 6 which seems to cause most manufacturers a problem Inov8 are the only ones I have found lately that do a man size 6 everyone else seem to start at a 7!

  4. Hi robin
    Can you tell how you have got on with these with reguards to getting wet as I would be using them on short wet duey grass to walk the dog,I don’t really fancy drowned feet. Having tried them on there super comfy.

    1. I think they are very comfortable as casual shoes on easy trails. I wouldn’t take them on the hills, though as I find the heel cup a bit sloppy compared with the more running oriented Salomon shoes. I’ve not got them soaked yet, but suspect with the amount of padding, they may take longer to dry. I’ve been using them for dog walks and found no problems. Good shoes but not really up to the mark as approach shoes.

  5. Hi Robin, just wondered if you’d had any more thoughts or feedback on the X-Overs? I was considering a pair and they’re down to £60 on the web. I’d probably use them for more casual use, but did you have an opportunity to test them in the hills?

    1. I think they are too soft and imprecise for hill walking. I’m using them for casual and they are very comfortable.

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