Off to The Outdoors Show

Tomorrow I shall be going to The Outdoors Show in London’s Docklands. I shall be renewing a friendship with the CEO of Aquapac who I lost contact with a some time ago. I’m looking forward to catching up with Tim. I might even ask him for his perspective of the outdoors market. In truth there’s not a huge number of stands that enthuse me, but I shall try to see TGOC, OE Magazine, Paramo, Cicerone, Hilleberg and Trekmates. I’ve never been to a show like this before so it’s a new experience for me. It’s a shame there’s not a few more interesting manufacturers present. I’ll find out from Tim why he thinks so few think it worthwhile. For my Twitter followers I might even do a few tweets!


10 thoughts on “Off to The Outdoors Show”

  1. Well, running it in such an inaccessible location in the depths of That London seems to be the first problem… But then I’m more a fan of The Backpacking Club’s annual AGM and tent expo/sales than big exhibitions.

  2. Might catch you there – I go every year! I’m a sucker for trying on all the Paramo gear, Monatne (If there) and hopefully Keela shall have a stand there.

    Last year they had a great stand on walking/treking holidays in Greece. ‘Agrotourism’.

  3. if you see any ‘tent goodies’ hilleberg, nanok etc post up the info- looking for an expedition tent- be good to know if PHD from Stalybridge are on show- Fantastic down gear etc by the way

  4. Ask the Aquapac CEO if it is possible to make a (light) vacuum pack for small electronics. Something that ‘shrinks’ to fit a smartphone would be nice. 🙂
    Enjoy the show.

  5. I was thinking more of a vacuum pack, Robin. Something that shrinks to fit the device exactly, and is much thinner than the present offerings. It just seems like a good idea to me. Maybe not.
    I already have an Aquapac case, and using the phone whilst in the case isn’t too easy.

    1. OK understand. I don’t think they do any vacuum pack things. I guess the escape valve is an issue but I’ll put the idea to Tim. They do have some things in the pipeline, but as a small company in a highly competitive market they have to proceed carefully. Seems like a good idea though.

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