More on wind

Telegraph article on Civitas report suggesting that wind power doesn’t save CO2.

Dr C le Pair report referred to in the article.

For balance, Action for Renewables questioning the le Pair report (and others).

You make your mind up.



3 thoughts on “More on wind”

  1. Absolutely first rate! A very good find, Robin.

    It’s what the Adam Smithy Institute paper came up with – but done so everyone can see the truth – warts and all.

    Electricity procured from wind results in no CO2 emission saving.
    Electricity from wind screws up CC Gas Turbine power stations
    Wind power is certainly not “GREEN.” In fact, it is anything but green.

    The “Action for Renewables” response is laughably ignorant.

    This report should be nailed to every single MP’s and MSP’s desk. They should not be allowed to leave their desks until they have read it / or had it explained to them in words of simple English.

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