TeckNet Battery Bank

Let’s kick off the year with a gear review, but a slightly unusual one. I’ve been struggling a bit with extender/charging options for my iPhone. While I love the iPhone (mine’s a 3G), it’s battery life is not great, especially if you use the Internet or GPS. I’ve tried a number of battery extenders that use ordinary batteries, but they don’t seem to be powerful enough to recharge the iPhone.

I saw the TeckNet iEP387 7000mAh USB Battery Bank on Amazon for a modest £23 and thought I’d give it a go. It’s a neat little package, marginally bigger than an iPhone and weighs a very reasonable 177g. It has two USB outputs. The input is a micro USB for charging but no three pin plug is provided. This is not a problem for me, as I have a USB three pin plug for my Kindle. On the top plate there is a silver push button to initiate a charge. It also lights up the four blue LEDs which indicate the battery charge level.

The advantage of a device like this over a battery caddy is that I can not only charge my iPhone but my Kindle and my SatMap as well. It takes about 8 hours to fully charge the battery pack from flat. A full charge will re-charge the iPhone three or four times. Not only that, it re-charges it remarkably quickly. It’s a shame I can’t recharge my camera as well.

Overall, I think it’s a neat device. For a relatively modest cost it is a great way of ensuring that you won’t run out of juice for your electronics on multi-day trips.


19 thoughts on “TeckNet Battery Bank”

  1. What camera are you using? The small Ixus I use on my cycling trips is of a suitable voltage to charge from USB… I picked up a (slightly dodgy looking!) USB charger for it from eBay. The charger lives in my camping electronics kit but I’ve not needed to use it in anger as the camera battery has lasted long enough so far….
    Here is an example:

      1. Had a look but haven’t spotted one specific for the Lumix battery – worth keeping an eye out tho as the voltage level is suitable to charge over USB. Maybe these widgets are more widely advertised at holiday times? The one I have for Ixus is about 15grammes. Or if you know anyone good at electronics….

  2. thats a cracking buy I reckon Robin. Funnily enough was looking at similar battery “pack” options myself recently. I have a very old and clapped out power monkey that needs replacing. For £23 you can hardly go wrong especially for 7000mAh. I was in a supermarket the other day and Duracell wanted £30 for a 2000mAh battery of a similar nature.

    Could be a very cost effective option

  3. I used the 3gs version of this for the whole HRP, 2 months. works a treat. Beware, you must draw power from the techmate first as the iphone needs a small residual charge to grab power from this pack. So, techmate first on, last off. Otherwise, its a beauty

  4. Now then, you may have found something here. 177g and it really, really does charge a smartphone (like the iphone) 3 or more times? Really Really really?

    That could just be perfect! and for £23 – that’s a bargain.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  5. Hi had same struggle to keep charge in phone just checking weight of 178 g as a review on amazon mentioned a weight of 290 g ? Which I’m hoping is wrong . Used that summerlite bag down to -4 other night but did sleep implants and light unquilo down top .. Great buy

  6. hi robin weights correct mine weighs 178 g or 185 in cloth bag ….regarding the charging off battery does it have to be a 1000ma all i can find in house 🙂 so far are 5.0 v 0.7 A any idea if it will work ??

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