Rohan Equator Shirt

OK, returning from our little diversion into economic policy, in common with many retailers, Rohan have been bombarding me with pre-Christmas offers. Looking through their offers, there was nothing that particularly appealed, but I spotted their Equator Shirt, which was still full price (£55). I’ve been looking for a lightweight shirt for a while and thought this fitted the bill so I ordered one.

I’ve been wearing it off and on for the past three weeks and really like it. The material feels like a very soft cotton (actually a mix of Supplex polyamide and CoolMax polyester). Although it the material is thin, it still feel quite substantial, which is odd given that it weighs just 168g (M). It also manages the trick of feeling both warm and cool at the same time.

Although it’s probably the lightest shirt I own, it has two decent sized zipped chest pockets and a natty microfibre lens cleaning cloth sewn into the hem. The styling is a neat compromise between technical and casual. Personally I like to have a shirt for hot sunny days rather than a conventional base layer. It looks like the Equator Shirt might be ideal. Judgement will have to wait until I’ve taken it on the trail and tested how it works when I’m sweaty and whether it is smell resistant. However, early impressions are favourable.



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