OMM Cypher Smock

The Twitterati amongst you will have gathered that I received delivery of an OMM Cypher Smock this week. The reason for moving quickly was that I spotted that it was selling for £128 against a RRP of £190 at Ultimate Outdoors. I’m grateful to Maz for his initial review and subsequent trip review. These gave me some confidence that I wasn’t buying a lemon, but also persuaded me to buy a size Large rather than Medium. This was the right choice as I think Medium might have been a shade tight for layering. Looks like I got the last Large in black 🙂 .

The sleeves are long enough to pull over my hands. While I’m not 100% happy with elasticated wrists, ones with thumb loops are not too bad. The fit is on the slim side, but fits over a fleece or my Velez Adventure Light. In fact it works quite well with the VAL, although it might be quite warm. The hood is excellent. The peak is both wired and stiffened and the volume adjuster ensures a perfect fit.

While the material is quite thin, it doesn’t feel flimsy. I was slightly disappointed that it is a bit crackly. I like the long two-way chest zip, good for getting on and off and venting. The pocket is large enough for a few bits and pieces like snack bars or compass. The lack of seams is very impressive. It weighs 260g and folds down small. It’s not quite as compact as the Montane Minimus jacket that I have (which is a great design), but I think three layer fabrics are better than two layer at coping with sweat. Moisture is less obvious as it is hidden by the inner scrim fabric.

As I’ve discussed before, I’ve bought this to give me an extra option for the TGO Challenge. I doubt whether I’ll get an opportunity to use it for a while, but my other eVent jacket (Montane Quickfire) is very good, so I’m confident that it will be good.


7 thoughts on “OMM Cypher Smock”

  1. Glad you liked it and found my comments of some use. I have yet to find a fault with it – some things are not as good as other jackets of course, the Montane Minimus folds down smaller but is not three layer. The Rab Demand hood is better, but the Cypher is lighter and, in my view, a better fit for fast movers. In reality, it has enough positive features to make it my first choice 3-season and alpine shell. For Scottish winter – it has to be Páramo Aspira 😉

    1. The best hard shell smock design is the old Berghaus Paclite smock. It’s a shame that they’ve not revised it using new goretex material.

    1. One reason I prefer the smock is that, when seated, the zip doesn’t bunch up on a smock. There is also weight and the fact that a full zip doesn’t actually do anything for me, but the feel of a smock suits me better.

  2. Hello
    Want to bye a chyper smock, just wanted to ask if they are small in seize, like to have a tight fit course need for race.

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