New Scarp pole

You may remember, earlier in the year, the pole for my Scarp developed a small stress fracture (picture far left). I swapped the pole sections around so that it was at the end of the pole and wasn’t so vulnerable to failure. However, I have some spare DAC Featherlite poles left from my late lamented Marmot Thor. The other day I got round to cutting one down to fit the Scarp. It’s extremely easy to do with a small hacksaw and a file (to smooth the edges).

The remaining pictures show the result. The original Scarp pole is an Easton pole and the DAC pole has the red rubber band in the far right picture. Strangely, the DAC pole is slightly thicker, but is virtually the same weight. It also folds down into a shorter length. I’ve not tried it on the Scarp yet, but have no reason to believe that it won’t work. There were some comments recently on another Scarp pole failure on OM. I suspect the DAC pole will be more sturdy than the one supplied.


6 thoughts on “New Scarp pole”

  1. Are there any sites where Easton and DAC poles are compared and contrasted? I would be interested to read about the relative merits of the materials and construction of the two types.

    1. I’m not aware of any. For what it’s worth the DAC pole has a higher quality finish. It’s unfair to contrast the poles I have as the DAC pole is a slightly larger diameter and should be stronger. The shorter sections may also make it stiffer.

  2. I was looking at a scarp 2 for the tgo with GF, but I think that just decided me – its liable to be under more stress than the single person version as there’s more volume. I’ve been undecided for a year so maybe I should just give it up!

    Shangri la 3 and ookworks winter inner I reckon, wadyathink? Its got tieouts for nasty weather and there’s less to break. Lighter too.

    1. I don’t have any experience of the SL3, but lots of people like them. You might want to contact Alan Rayner about the Scarp 2 as he has one. I’m not suggesting that the pole is defective. Using the single arch pole, the Scarp is quite flexible. With the crossing poles it is very strong. The advantage of the Scarp 2 over the SL3, using it for two people, is having two entrances and porches. It’s worth emailing Sean at OookWorks about the SL3 as he has had a lot of experience with it.

      1. Not yet. It’s pretty solid without them. I think they are worth having for the versatility they provide at modest extra cost.

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