MYOG Kindle protective sleeve

I was looking at protective sleeves for my Kindle. I like the neoprene sleeve, but I thought £25 for one was a bit steep. So I decided to have a Blue Peter moment and make one myself. I’ve got a huge roll of silver radiator insulating foil, which I bought for making pot cosies and pouches. While my Kindle doesn’t need to be kept warm (I’m not planning on a polar expedition), the radiator insulator is similar to bubble wrap, only more robust. The pictures above show the result (click to enlarge).

I used a long strip, taped along both sides. I thought this would be the neatest arrangement. I stuck it together with duck tape. I used some sticky sided velcro and staples for the closure. It’s incredibly simple to make.

If I was a perfectionist, I would probably make another as the velcro is not quite square 😉 . It weighs a very modest 29g. If you wanted to be SUL, you could probably make it lighter by using bubble wrap. It’s not waterproof, so it will have to go in a dry bag, but it should be proof against knocks. So my Kindle, in its sleeve, weighs just under 200g, about the same as an average paperback.


7 thoughts on “MYOG Kindle protective sleeve”

  1. Well I cant beleve it, only last week did I make the same thing for my Archos 70I tablet apart from I placed a thin peace of foam on the inside to protect the screen.
    Good stuff and nice blog by the way.

  2. I wasn’t tempted by the neoprene cases – too much effort to get the kindle in and out. I used a bubblewrap envelope for mine. Mail lite Gold c/0. Just enough room for the kindle (3/keyboard) and a bit of cardboard to protect the screen from pressure. 25grams. These homemade cases look a bit stronger. Mine is easy to return if I leave it somewhere – the finder, if superhonest, can just seal it up and pop it int he post – it’s stamped and addressed!

  3. I’ve been searching for something like this and made a cover this weekend with a padded envelope, duct tape and a bit of velcro. V similar to yours, and the same weight. I’ve also written my name and address on it – just in case!

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