Credit where credit is due

The Post Office comes in for a lot of stick, but I want to give some praise. On Thursday afternoon I sent a parcel to Sean at OookWorks containing my precious cuben Duomid. It arrived safe and sound mid morning on Friday, despite posting after the cutoff for next day delivery. Now that’s what I call service. Well done the Post Office. In contrast, my wife ordered something from River Island. Through tracking I know it went to the delivery hub of HDN late Wednesday. It didn’t arrive at our house until early Friday evening.

We now have a plan for a lightweight inner for the Duomid, which will weigh about 280g. The floor will be Chikara nylon. The walls will be cuben and mesh. There are a few design improvements compared with my existing inner. I think Sean is quite excited about this one and so am I! We are also talking about a couple of other non-tent related products that will be of interest.


9 thoughts on “Credit where credit is due”

  1. Most of the time they are not too bad with delivery however they have lost parcels of mine in the past.

    Once they lost a parcel and I wrote to them and never got a response. I then had to send a letter to Royal Mail, delivered by Royal Mail signed for before they’d give me a response. They compenasated me with a book of stamps! I was not happy so I wrote to them again and said I needed the parcel delivered (Again using RM signed for) and they apologised and wanted the receipt and would chase it up, I did so and after many weeks the parcel ended up back on my doorstep! Ahhhhhhh….

    1. So far I’ve only had good experiences but I guess the proof is how they treat you when things go wrong. In your case, it was not impressive. I must admit I was a bit nervous about committing my Duomid to their care as replacing it would be a pain.

      1. It’s only done half the journey yet 😉 Assuming of course that I return it and don’t decide to abscond with it. I’ve always found RM very reliable, particularly so in more rural areas and Special Delivery has never failed to get there next day so far.
        Very much looking forward to starting this inner. It’s going to be very tasty indeed.

  2. As I found to my cost the Post Office are not the Royal Mail as a visit to a local PO were quick to tell me. I sent a letter recorded delivery and two weeks later it had not arrived. Trying to phone Royal Mail was like swimming in treacle. I eventually saw a web site which contained other unhappy bunnies and obtained the address and name of CEO. She has at least acknowledged my letter of complaint. I wait and see for developments. The only guaranteed way is an expensive Registered Post which can be tracked all the way through the system.

  3. When i pick up parcels from my PO i have a view into the inner sanctum. I don’t know how they ever find anything. It always looks like they have just been burgled.

    Chikara ah. I have a piece here. Nice stuff but expensive. Still you don’t need so much for the Duomid.

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