Holdon tent clips tweak

While I had my new MLD cuben Duomid in pitched in the garden, I thought I would try a little tweak I’ve thought of for the Holdon tent clips. Mole mentioned that they might damage the tent material. One way to avoid this is to cut a small piece of material (in this case some thin PU coated nylon) and place it between the Holdon and the tent (see above). It seems to work well. It doesn’t affect the grip, which is strong and it prevents any marking of the tent material.I think this should alleviate any concerns that a Holdon clip will damage the tent.


5 thoughts on “Holdon tent clips tweak”

  1. They do look like a useful solution. I’ve no doubt I’ll discover a need for these next year, by which time I’ll have forgotten where I heard about them/what they’re called.

    The Duomid looks great!

    1. I’ve grown to love the Duomid and the cuben version is rather lovely. If you don’t want to break the bank, the silnylon version is half the price and only about 200g more in weight.

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