MLD Duomid cuben

Here’s my new baby: the Mountain Laurel Designs cuben Duomid. I ordered it just over six weeks ago and had thought it wouldn’t be with me much before Christmas. While it’s not going to win any prizes for “value for money” at £269, it’s not outrageously expensive. The workmanship is very good. Weight is 355g as supplied and 385g with guys. I’ve used some EZC 2 dyneema cord rather than the cord supplied as it looks nicer and is a bit lighter.

The workmanship is the usual high standard from MLD. The seams are glued rather than stitched except for the hem at the base of the tent. The cuben is a rather attractive silvery green. Although it looks a bit like a glorified shopping bag when unpacked, the material feels very strong. I like the translucence. It’s is less “see through” than it appears. I’m glad it’s coloured as I don’t like the white version (which is why I bought a silnylon version originally). The next task is to get Sean to make me a lightweight inner. The aim is to have a tent weighing less than 850g (ex. poles but inc. pegs).


10 thoughts on “MLD Duomid cuben”

  1. Looks the business Robin and better value than the Terra Nova even after Sean’s bill. Should be good for the TGO Chally.
    Let me know if you want to part with the Scarp 1.

  2. The Duomid is a nice shelter and I like the colour of the cuben, are you going to sell your silnylon version or keep both? Looking forward to hearing about your trips with the cuben duo mid.

  3. I’ve never seen that colour cuben before much nicer than the silver. HIf you don’t mind my asking how are you modding the inner from the last one you had made?

    1. It’s a lovely colour and quite stealthy without being military. It’s going to be made from much lighter materials and it will be a hybrid mesh/solid design. The floor will be superlight Chikara nylon (a waterproof kite fabric), the walls will be part cuben part mesh. The cuben will be a 50cm high wall, topped with a mesh cone. I should get the best of both worlds with reasonable protection from draughts and good ventilation. We are working on the specs at the moment, but it should be well under 300g. It should be lighter than a bivvy bag/groundsheet combo.

  4. Sounds good and original! I was toying with the idea of modding my SL3 nest to have solid walls for about 50/60cm on the back walls at least. Seems like the ideal height to keep draughts at bay yet still maximise ventilation. Has the tent fabric been used for groundsheets before? I’d be a bit worried about durability. I think any sort of inner is better than a sheet and bivvy.

    1. Durability is a bit of an unknown, but you’ve got to be realistic with lightweight materials. It is waterproof (more so than silnylon) but clearly care over ground selection needs to be exercised. I will probably use the sheet of emergency blanket that I use underneath my Scarp, which weighs about 50g, but adds some protection. I’m sure Sean would help you with modding your SL3 inner if you wanted.

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