Holdon warning from Mole

Mole has posted a comment on my piece on Holdon tent clips. He has experienced some damage when the Holdon clips are subject to strong tension. My experience so far is quite limited, so it would be sensible to be cautious and test these for yourself before using them in stormy weather. On my Duomid, I’ve attached them to the double thickness of the hem and only used shock cord. I would suggest that using something like dyneema cord may not be advisable. The other precaution might be to use an extra piece of material between the Holdon and the tent. Thanks for your comments, Mole.


10 thoughts on “Holdon warning from Mole”

  1. Sorry to be a Doom-Monger Robin!

    They might be different these days – The ones I have are the ‘Midi’ size (white). Yours look like they are the ‘Mini’ size (?) which might not be so aggressive where they hold.

    Using on the hem and with a bungees is sound advice I reckon.



    1. Originally I bought the larger size which has a ratchet. I suspect they are more aggressive than the mini clips. Even so it would be wise to be careful. I wouldn’t use them for a non-shock cord tie out.

  2. You should have made sure there were enough tie-outs on your Duomid, Robin. 😉
    When i ordered mine, i asked for 12 ground level tie-outs. 🙂

  3. Yeah. One on each corner, 3 in between on eack long side, and 1 in between on each short side. Plus the 4 mid-panel tie-outs and apex tie-out. Seventeen has proved to be enough. 🙂

    1. The current model has mid point ground level tie outs on each side including the short side. Also has mid panel tie outs on all four sides. I got Sean to add an extra ground level tie out on the door so I can choose which side to open. I might get him to retro fit a couple of extras on the back panel.

  4. I bought mine when they first came out. At that time, i think there were only corner tie-outs, and 1 mid-panel tie-out on the back. There wasn’t even a clip half way up the zip. After i ordered mine, Ron added most of those as standard. I think he might get fed-up of me at times, as i often ask him to tweak his designs for UK use. 🙂

  5. http://shelter-systems.com/gripclips/ – these may be better and they are available in a range of sizes.

    I have had trouble ordering form New Zealand, but ultralightoutdoor.co.uk do have some. They are well proven with silnylon using a bit of a ballon as a gripping gasket. The manufacturer hasn’t tetsed them with cuben, but I remember Eddy Meecham writing once that he has used them with some success.

    US made shelter just don’t seem to have enough pegging pints on them to me.

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