I don’t know about you, but the volume of emails in my inbox for sales and special promotions has gone through the roof recently. There’s probably never been a better time for a bargain hunter. Unfortunately it is a symptom of the weak economic background and the desperation of retailers to shift product. These are worrying times for the nation’s shopkeepers. The squeeze on real incomes from high inflation on one side and static incomes on the other is going to make it tough. I suspect we will see some bankruptcies after Christmas.  Christmas cheer is going to be in short supply. I’ve never known a time where so many friends and ex-colleagues have been out of work. Let’s hope it gets better next year.


6 thoughts on “Desperation”

  1. nice choice of image! I’m growing very fond of the unsubscribe button these days. And yes, things are locking down its true…at least for the majority

  2. Robin, amazing how many Rohan promotions there are and I have taken advantage of some of those . Another couple last night – as you say sign of the times. Same old problem, those with cash to spare can take advantage of the deals, people struggling will not be able to afford even the discounted product. Difficult times ….

  3. Although it’s gloomy on the upside it’s great for us outdoor enthusiasts!
    Rohan is pricey and they need to drop their prices if they wish to survive!

    Hopefully Paramo prices will drop as well!

    As for the email circulars, although a pain, I understand that they need to create revenue in order to maintain themselves.

    TK MAX may be well stocked with clothing come the new year if outdoor business’ should fail. I have seen lots of ‘Tog24′ gear in there recently and their bear looking (polartec high loft equivilent) fleece’ are going cheaper than on their site!

    1 million unemployed youths – at least the lawyers and barristers will not be short of cash!!!

  4. On the contrary! GO Outdoors is doing rather well.

    Actually, I wanted to get in touch to ask if you’d like to test, review and keep some kit for us?

    Please email me back if interested.

    Kind regards

  5. ‘Ere – hang about. From where exactly does this shortage of cash come? Back in the early eighties mortgage rates were around the 15% mark, three years ago this had dropped to 6.5% or thereabouts. Now some providers are offering trackers at 4%. So in just the last three years alone the cost of a mortgage has dropped by 40%.

    OK, maybe we don’t have rampant wage inflation, and currently we have relatively mild general inflation (more at the behest of the government with fuel duty & VAT than any other factor) but surely the average property owner and mortgagee is actually better off in terms of cash in the pocket than they were three years ago.

    They should be taking full advantage of the retailers’ distress, thereby easing it … it’s their patriotic duty to consume … er … unless they were daft enough to saddle themselves with debt on the basis that their houses would always rise in value, and are now desperately trying to repay it.

    Ah, I think I see the problem 😉

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