Holdon tent clips

Ever wanted an extra pegging point on your flysheet? You could sew a loop, but it is much easier to use a Holdon Tent Clip. They weigh 11g each and they can be positioned wherever you need them. I carry a couple for my Duomid. They help to tame the flapping of the long back wall.

I’ve also used them to rig up a shock cord retainer on my POE sleeping mats to stop the pillow falling off the end of the mat. They cost 55p each (or less if you order in quantity) from UK Tarps.

If you are a tarp user, they could be useful as well. A very simple but effective bit of kit.


20 thoughts on “Holdon tent clips”

  1. That’s a great idea Robin, Its the little things that seem so difficult to find. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be putting an order in for a few of those.

  2. Robin, where do you get yours from? (I tried to track down a retailer through the Holdon site but gave up in despair – they clearly want to discourage sales.)

  3. Robin. Beware. I got some hold ons a couple years ago. If they get pulled hard, the self tightening aspect can damage the fabric fairly easily. I wouldn’t use mine on an expensive tent. cheap tarps yes.

    btw sad to see yet another blog has been ‘improved’ to the detriment of phone viewing. I am being followed by your ‘follow me’ box which hogs the screen

    1. Apologies that the new format doesn’t work on your phone. It’s fine on my iPhone. I’m restricted to the the themes that WordPress supplies. I think it’s clearer on PCs.

  4. to elaborate, the damage was only noticeable when the holdon was removed. It was where it gripped the fabric. I used them to tightly hold up a tarp. for canvas or standard pu fabrics I would think they were ok. I wouldnt risk silnylon under much tension myself.

    1. Thanks for the warning. I’ve only used it on the “hem” so I would hope the double thckness would help. I’ve also used a piece of shock cord which should cushion the tension.

  5. The ones I used were the ‘Midi’ size. Yours look like they are the ‘Mini’ size (?) which might not be so aggressive where they hold.

    1. Originally I bought the larger size which has a ratchet. I suspect they are more aggressive than the mini clips. Even so it would be wise to be careful. I wouldn’t use them for a non-shock cord tie out.

  6. I am a tarp user and I have one particular tarp that is designed to be set up in a multiple number of configurations, and the wind does always seem to be a big concern, these tie outs are just what I needed….thanks for pointing me in the right direction Robin. 🙂

  7. Hi Robin, just found your suggestion after looking at a number of sites at god knows what now….. planning to go camping quite a bit this year and really trying to condense my gear as fancy wild camping, so i’m sure i’ll need one of these at some point and will kick myself for not ordering any. Just wanted to ask what size it was you used, cheers Marie

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