Lakes gear roundup – other stuff

Exped Cloudburst 15 – I should have included this in the previous gear post as it is brand new. I used it as both a day sack and an extra dry bag, strapped to the top of my pack (see above). It’s a really excellent small day sack, weighing less than 300g. The back panel has just enough stiffness to stop it collapsing. 15 litres is just the right size for waterproofs, fleece, food and oddments. The bungee cord on the outside can hold trekking poles and wet gear. The shoulder straps are mesh and the ends are secured to stop them whipping about. The removable waist strap adds stability. I really like the fact that it has two uses, so if you want a day sack for summit bagging, I recommend this. It was excellent in combination with my Inov-8 Race Pro belt pack.

Scarp 1 – Excellent. I had forgotten how spacious and stable it is. Withstood the stormy conditions despite pulling a peg and one line lok slipping. It’s a really good mountain tent and I’d be confident in it in most conditions.

Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus – No issues. Very comfortable.

POE Peak Elit AC sleeping mat – While this mat is very comfortable and stays inflated, I find it a bit cold. I might try my Ether Elite to see whether the EE is warmer. I think it might be. Feeling both mats, the biomapped insulation on the EE seems denser, which may explain it. The other thing to try is the fleece cover that I made for my NeoAir. The other niggle is that the PE is very slippery. I put some silicone sealant strips on the bottom of the EE, but the PE has a different material and the sealant peels off. Why don’t POE make the underside non slip?

Waterproofs – I took my Paramo Velez Adventure and my Montane Quickfire to see how they worked as a combo. They worked well. Why bother you ask? I wanted to see how the VAL worked as a mid layer. There are times (high winds, driving rain) when I prefer a hard shell. I also wanted to contrast eVent with Pertex Shield used in the Montane Minimus. My conclusion is that eVent is more comfortable as it “hides” excess moisture in the inner scrim fabric, whereas Pertex Shield feels damp as sweat soaks into the membrane and is not “hidden”. I think eVent is still probably the best hard shell waterproof fabric that I’ve used. My overtrousers were Rab Drilliums and they were excellent. Despite being slightly heavier than my Berghaus Paclites and not having full length zips, they are more comfortable with a better cut and more breathable, using eVent.

Nike Mayfly shoes – I used these as camp shoes. It’s nice to change out of boots. At 300g, they are very light and pack flat. I don’t think they are made any more, which is a shame. They may be slightly heavier than some recent alternatives, but they are proper shoes and I’ve even used them on the trail when necessary.

All the other stuff was things I’ve used before with nothing particular to report, except for my camera, which I will cover in a separate post.


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