Scarp madness

Stephen on OM has started a Scarp owners thread on OM. For all tent lovers, I have set up a gallery on Picasa of pictures featuring my Scarp.


7 thoughts on “Scarp madness”

  1. Does the colour seem obtrusive to you? I am very conscious of how much my Trailstar in sharkskin grey sticks out. It influences my choice of pitch. From the bright red sleeping bag on the tent roof, I’m guessing colour doesn’t bother you as much.

    1. I prefer the colour of my Duomid (olive brown).

      The advantage of grey is it makes the inside lighter especially with a white inner tent.

      I wouldn’t want a red or orange tent for wild camping, but don’t mind for camp sites.

  2. The Trailstar became available in olive brown after I bought mine. Not sure I want a second. Do I need a Duomid?

    1. Is that a rhetorical question?

      I really like the space and head room in the Duomid. I don’t think the Trailstar is for me. However, the Duomid is not as storm worthy as the Trailstar so I guess it depends what you want out of a shelter. For me, the Duomid is essentially a valley tent and the Scarp a mountain tent. I wouldn’t trade my Scarp for a Trailstar but that is entirely a personal preference and no slur on the Trailstar.

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