Lakes Sept 11 part 3

Dawn came and I felt like I had jet lag. The weather was still cloudy with hill fog, but at least there was no sign of rain. All there was to do was to have breakfast and have a leisurely wander back to Hollins.


I took a few photos before leaving. Remarkably, just as I was leaving the cloud lifted from Scafell Pike, the first time I had seen the summit. Finding a comparatively dry route to the main path was a challenge, but I managed it without getting a boot full of water.

Scafell Pike revealed

Rounding Scar Lathing, the wind suddenly dropped. I was tempted to cross to the other side of the Esk but decided that it was too fast flowing and the easier path on the eastern side was probably a better option. Looking back, the Scafells were once again under mist.

Scafell back under cloud

Once again, I delighted in the path down Throstle Garth, taking care not to trip over the loose, wet stones. All the time I was looking to my right to catch glimpses of waterfalls. By the time I reached Lingcove Beck Bridge, the weather had brightened a bit (even if my photos don’t reflect it!).

The Esk

I met a few walkers going in the opposite direction. The walk down to Brotherikeld was uneventful. When I reached the fields, they were still full of sheep. I walked down the road until Wha House and then took the footpath to Penny Hill Farm. At Doctor’s Bridge, I followed the track to Low Birker. After Low Birker I followed the path westward parallel with the Esk until I reached a small tarn, where conveniently, there was a wooden bench. I decided to have an early lunch.

Lunch spot

The trees behind me sheltered me from the wind. Every so often the sun would come out from behind the clouds and warm me. It was a lovely place to have lunch. The bench had a plaque in memory of a young girl who girl who had died at the tragically early age of 16. The only consolation is that her memory is preserved at such a peaceful and idyllic spot.

Back on the path

Although there was no particular hurry, I didn’t hang around too long. Back on the track I made my only navigation error by continuing too far west on the main track. I had to backtrack along the river to find the bridge.

The Esk near the bridge

From the bridge it wasn’t far back to the camp site. By the time I reached my tent the sun was shining. Little Narrowcove will have to wait for another day. Despite the weather, it was an enjoyable stroll in one of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District.


6 thoughts on “Lakes Sept 11 part 3”

  1. Enjoyed all those trip reports Robin. The whole of the Esk valley is one of my favourite spots, especially the upper reaches where you camped. Wild weather makes for a memorable trip in different ways

    1. It’s probably my favourite place as well. It has a real sense of remoteness and grandeur. One day the weather will be right for me!

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