Chill out with Klaus Schulze

One of the joys of Napster is being able to explore musical linkages at no extra cost. Through Harold Budd, I discovered Robin Guthrie. By association I discovered Dead Can Dance. Through Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard I rediscovered Klaus Schulze. Schulze was a founder of Tangerine Dream but left after one record, to form Ash Ra Tempel and then go solo. Long ago I had a copy of Dune, so I had some experience of Schulze. His three albums with Lisa Gerrard are well worth listening to. I’ve started listening to more back catalogue. Today I have been listening to Live @ Klangart. It’s excellent. Once Schulze gets into a groove, he doesn’t let go and becomes hypnotic. Have a listen to this if you’ve got half an hour to chill. Quite superb. I promise the trip report will start tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Chill out with Klaus Schulze”

      1. I see you have to create a Facebook account to subscribe to Spotify now. That rules me out. Napster doesn’t. Bad move by Spotify.

  1. Yes, a lot of folk have been up in arms about it. I can’t say I’m impressed with the move either, but thankfully it doesn’t affect me. I will close my account before signing up for FB!

  2. If you want to extend your journey into “Krautrock”, I strongly suggest Neu, particularly their Neu!75 album which is utterly brilliant.

    Otherwise, another nice German chap to listen to is Ulrich Schnauss, he does some splendid stuff and all his albums are worth a listen, start with the track “Monday Paracetamol” which gives you an idea of his style.

    1. I have Neu 2. Ulrich Schnauss I’ve not heard of. I’ll look him up on Napster. I’m also a fan of Faust, Can, Kraftwerk, Cluster and Harmonia 🙂

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