Let’s draw a line

Thanks everyone for your comments and support over the OM spat. I do regard it as a spat, albeit an unpleasant one.

I’d like to draw this episode to a close.

I think the best route for everyone is to keep supporting petitions, organisations or whatever against wind farms.

Although it’s difficult in the face of provocation, I think it’s best if we keep a sense of dignity and be careful in our responses, concentrating on the issues rather than the personalities (however exasperating!) and not get drawn into a slanging match.

Keep protesting!


2 thoughts on “Let’s draw a line”

  1. I quite agree and I do think that your blog has attempted to keep things civil and dignified – thank you for that.

    1. If you think OM is bad, you should read some of the tosh and bile on some of the rugby forums after England’s win over Scotland!

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