In the draw

Clouds over Braeriach

Checking through my gazillion emails yesterday when I arrived home, there was a welcome one from John Manning confirming the receipt of my TGO Challenge application for 2012. So far there are about 200 applicants, of whom, like me, there are 40 first timers. Next step is the luck of the draw. Even then, I will need to be confident that my wife can survive two weeks without her shopping and dog walking assistant. However, I’m hopeful that I will be able to participate, if selected.

I’ve already given a lot of thought to gear and have three potential routes planned. The next significant date is the draw in early November. Perhaps with my recent track record of weather, the organisers might want to leave my name in the hat! Having said that, I can’t imagine the weather can be worse than this year’s Challenge.


8 thoughts on “In the draw”

  1. Splendid!
    Three potential routes, eh? Come on then… Out with them!

    You will love the Challenge, Robin. Make sure Braemar & Lochcallater Lodge are on your route. Shouldn’t be missed!

    1. I am prepared to reveal the potential starting points but no more as yet: Strathcarron, Lochailort, Oban. They are mainly low level to give myself the best chance of completion as it will be the longest continuous walk that I’ve done for a long time.

  2. Good luck with the draw Robin. The weather cannot be any worse than it was this year! Good plan going for a low level route, you can always add hills if you fancy as you go along. You’ll have a blast.

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