Dead Can Dance

Today I discovered “Dead Can Dance“. Listen to “The Host of Seraphim”. Truely awe inspiring.


7 thoughts on “Dead Can Dance”

  1. Hi Robin, welcome to the world of 4AD….

    if you like this then try Cocteau Twins, I think you might like them as well. I was a nut for 4AD artists in my college days as the label seemed to put out really good alternative music


  2. oops, you already know the Cocteau twins. 🙂 Been catching up on your posts over the past 2 months so saw the Harold Budd reference from your August post.

    I still get goosebumps whenever I hear Elizabeth Frazers voice.

    Pure brilliance

  3. Blimey that was a blast from the past. I was a bit of a Goth in my youth and Dead can Dance were a big favourite, along with Cocteau twins which Dave mentions above.

    I can remember you mentioning Explosions in the sky a while back, if you like them check out Mogwai.

  4. For etheral ambient stuff with a dash of pulsating sequencers that provide fantastic aural landscapes, I can recommened 1970’s period Tangerine Dream (to be precise the “Virgin years” period – after the label).

    1. I’m a big fan of TD in the (early) Virgin years. Got all the albums Phaedra to Encore. After that they went off the boil. Just been listening to Klaus Schultze & Lisa Gerrard. Rheingold is well worth a listen.

  5. Their best period by far, before they were a tad too experimental, after, well, it turned into muzak really although my introductory album was “Exit” which I rate highly and their 80’s soundtracks are quite brilliant (“Near Dark” and “Miracle Mile” are favourites as well as the impossible to find “The Keep”…)

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