No assault, lots of battery

C’mon guys, I go out, it rains and blows a lot. You know the pattern. Wednesday was the day set for the ascent of Little Narrowcove, so the weather was atrocious. I endured an hour of  the worst rainstorm I’ve ever endured. Brilliant! Fortunately I was in my tent at the time and my tent was the Scarp. It rained so hard that the ground gave up soaking up the water and it started pooling in the depressions and flowing into my porch (see below). Not one single drop got through to the inner tent either from underneath or through the flysheet despite pole arch guyline peg pulling out. Later that night a linelok slipped so one corner wasn’t pegged down. No problem for the Scarp, mate (I did get out and re-peg it). It as so bad that on Wednesday night/Thursday morning I got approximately zero sleep with the noise from the wind battering my little fortress. What fun! I’ll write up the trip notes over the next week. I’ve got some good gear observations to pass on as well.


18 thoughts on “No assault, lots of battery”

  1. Glad to hear hat there was no water ingress, looks pretty damp outside. bet you were glad of the high bathtub floor.

    Is that a guy at the base of the pole loop ?

    Pretty sure mine are halfway up the loop, I’ll check mine tomorrow as I need to put some sealant on the floor to stop my mat slipping.

    1. No. Half way up the pole (not in the picture!). In the picture is the cord that is used to raise/lower the flysheet seam. I replaced the “bootlace” cord supplied with dyneema. My Scarp has loads of little mods!

  2. Just keep focussing on the fact (theory?) that the more adverse the weather conditions, the better the tales there are to tell!

    Looking forward to reading about it.

  3. Got ya now, It looked like the dyneema that Henry uses.

    I’ve only had my tie-backs modded by Sean at oookworks so far, apart from seam sealing…. Do need to put the strips on the floor, why I din’t listen to your advice ?!?! 🙂

    1. Seal the pole arch seams on the OUTSIDE from about the top of the zip plus the crossing pole loop and you shouldn’t have any problems.

  4. Tuesday was lovely! On Wednesday, we tried to go up Fleetwith Pike from Gatesgarth but, 1/3 of the way up the nose, Elaine was blown into my arms so we retreated, walked along Buttermere and ascended to Bleaberry Tarn. It was still too wet and gusty for Elaine to be comfortable up high so we returned to the car very wet!

  5. You are the bloggers equivalent of a bad weather magnet. At least through your blog we know when you are on the hills, that way we can be dry and choose to stay at home!

  6. My friend has just recently taken delivery of the ‘Contrail’. We will be setting it up later today in my garden. He also bought the neoair trekker full length version so we’ll be seeing how well this fits in there.

    I quite like the rainbow because of the usable/extenable porch area.

    Years ago when I used to do motorcycle holidays around Scotland I always longed for an area to cook under and socialize when you met others.

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