Buff pillow cover

On the last few trips I’ve used a Thermarest microfibre pillow case for my Exped inflatable pillow. While the pillow material is not unpleasant, I prefer the fleecy feel of the microfibre on my skin. Strictly speaking this is a luxury item, although at 60g it is hardly an enormous weight penalty. A function of having too much time on my hands is thinking of solutions to meaty problems like this!

Yesterday I had an inspiration. Why not use a buff instead? I dug out a fleece and a microfibre buff and inflated my pillow to see whether it would work. Hey presto, perfectly fitting pillow covers and one less item to carry.

Left to right: pillow and “covers”, microfibre pillow case, fleece buff, microfibre buff

4 thoughts on “Buff pillow cover”

  1. I just got a pillow. Bob and Rose special. About 60g or something. Light padding and you stuff clothes in the back of it. Works good. I have to admit a pillow is a good idea. Or is it we are going soft with age?

    1. The Exped is the best that I’ve found. Weighs 84g. I find using just rolled up clothes stuffed into a pillow case uncomfortable. They don’t give enough support and I get a stiff neck. The Exped is brilliant. It’s the right height and gives me a comfortable night’s sleep.

  2. I started with the Bob & Rose pillow but got fed up stuffing it each night so purchased the Exped pillow and I am delighted with it. Might try using the buff as a cover to see how I like it. Happy enough sleeping with my face directly on the pillow.

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