Exped Cloudburst 15

Earlier in the summer, in the Carneddau, I used a Summit to Sea Ultrasil Daysack. While it is a brilliant occasional daypack, its lack of structure makes it a bit unstable. A few weeks ago I came across the Exped Cloudburst 15, which is a cross between a rolltop bag and a rucksack. It’s similar to the Alpkit Gourdon, but about half the weight at a touch under 300g.

click on picture to enlarge

Like most Exped products, it seems very well made, neatly finished and well thought out. The back panel has a bit of structure with a thin U-shaped stiffner. The shoulder straps are mesh and there is a thin, removable waist strap to add some stability. The front has a useful bungee cord arrangement for waterproofs or a helmet. I thought the translucent strip on the back panel was cosmetic, but it helps you see what’s inside the pack when the top is opened. It’s also textured, making it less slippery than the slick waterproof body fabric.

I’ve not used it in earnest, but it struck me that it is a useful bit of kit for peak bagging side trips to save lugging a full rucksack to the top. When not in use, it can double up as a drybag.


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