Rohan Elite Trousers

In these straightened times,I think we have all become bargain hunters. Rohan had a sale in July and I spotted the Elite Trousers at half price. Bargain is a relative term, you understand. These were £40.50, instead of an eye-watering £81.70. OK, so it’s not really a bargain, but at £40.50, they are a “sensible” price. I bought them really as a potential second pair of trousers if I needed some for a hotel, rather than out-and-out walking trousers.

They are incredibly light at 203g for a 34″ waist. Unlike previous Rohan trousers (note the word trousers, not pants!), the leg length was just right. Considering the weight, they are fully specified with pockets (two front, one security and one rear) and a proper belt.

The material is gossamer thin. While they are wind resistant, they are not wind proof in the way that Montane  Terra Pants (ugh!) are. I don’t think I’d want to use them in a cold wind. Conversely, in the warmer months, they are pleasantly airy and cool, despite not having mesh vents.

The colour is a slightly strange brown/grey, not unattractive, but I would have preferred a dark grey. I’ve worn them quite a lot on warmer days recently and have grown to like them a lot. Although I think they will be reasonably hard-wearing, I would want to expose them to much abrasion or to thorns.

Rohan still have a few in larger sizes, if you are interested. I’m wondering if they might discontinue them, which would be a shame.


4 thoughts on “Rohan Elite Trousers”

  1. Rohan, always expensive, but well made. I like you wait for their sales to get gear. The Silver Core T shirts that you recommended were purchased at a good price in their sale and are lovely to wear. I did well with some Craghopper stuff which were half price in Debenhams back in July. They may not be right at the top as technical clothing, but a fleece with Windstopper type material for less than £20 and some stretch trekking shorts (well made and very comfortable) for £15 you cannot go far wrong in the value for money category !

  2. I got some Striders for 37.50 and I’m looking forward to wear them when it gets a bit colder, they seem designed for serious play up in the hills and felt just right on my legs when I tried them on. Never paid much attention to Rohan but they seem an interesting brand.

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