The joy of spontaneity

Chris Townsend has written a good article in this month’s TGO Magazine on “the joy of spontaneity” and the aimless meander. This describes many of my recent trips. Sometimes the weather has brought about a change of plans or I’ve just felt like not going as far as I had planned or perhaps I’ve decided to go somewhere that piqued my interest.

This week I’ve been up in the Lakes for a few days. Although I had planned a route, early afternoon, on a whim, I decided to go in a completely different direction. I was rewarded with a lovely walk down a valley that I imagine is hardly ever visited:  Measand. The middle section is a very steep V-shaped valley with a series of small waterfalls and cascades. The going was tough, with only sheep tracks to follow.

Just after a waterslide that bifurcates the beck, the valley widens dramatically and there is a lovely patch of green, rough pasture. My struggles were rewarded with a near perfect place to camp: in the middle of nowhere, reasonably flat pitch with an energetic stream for company.

A perfect place to get away from the August crowds. I could imagine that I was the only person on the planet for a while, happy in the knowledge that the chance of someone else intruding in my Arcadia was next to zero. Bliss

A more detailed write-up will follow.


12 thoughts on “The joy of spontaneity”

  1. That’s exactly where we camped on our coast-to-coast route!. Great spot (notwithstanding the midges on that occasion) and very quiet for the eastern fells.

    1. I can imagine if it was still, midges could be an issue. Fortunately there was a bit of a breeze. A lovely spot to feel alone!

  2. Trying to balance that spontaneity with loved ones desire to know my every move can be problematic [more-so in winter], bad I absolutely agree, it’s always great to go with the flow.

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