Carneddau gear check

I’m only going to post a few highlights of the gear I took.

MLD Doumid and OookWorks nest. Fantastically spacious. The porch gives an enormous amount of room to organise and store gear. It also means that getting in an out of the tent when it’s raining in much simpler. Wet gear can be removed in the porch very easily. This time I managed to pitch the Oooknest better. The panels were taut. It did flap a bit in the wind, but there was never any danger of failure. All in all I’m growing to like the Duomid, especially for its space. I don’t think it’s a high mountain tent though. I don’t think it can handle winds in the way the Scarp can, but it’s a lot more storm proof than it first appears.

Montane Minimus Jacket. Ironically, given the amount of rain I had, the Minimus didn’t get an exacting test. It shrugged off the rain when I wore it. It’s a very good cut and I really like the hood. It breathed well. However, the inside felt slightly damp in places as the coating appears to absorb moisture before passing it through. Unlike eVent, it doesn’t have a lining material as a buffer. On balance, I think I prefer three layer hard shells like eVent where the inner scrim buffers moisture. Nonetheless, the Minimus is a good “fast and light” jacket.

Rab Drillium Overtrousers. Again I didn’t wear them long enough for a true test but I prefer them to my Berghaus Paclites or Montane Atomic overtrousers. They definitely seem less sweaty.

Paramo New Katmai shirt. Great shirt, shame about the smell. Really comfortable, well designed, loved the sleeves. However, it got smelly very quickly. It’s a huge shame but the smell rules it out for me.

Neoair short and fleece cover. Brilliant combination. The fleece cover made it much more comfortable, both in terms of feel and warmth. It also allows moisture to escape better, avoiding the clammy feeling that you can sometimes get with sleeping mats. I liked having a shorter sleeping mat as it didn’t dominate the tent in the way a full length mat can. Ultimately a full length mat, like the POE Peak Elite AC is more comfortable, but not by much. The Neoair did lose a bit of air during the night but this actually made it more comfortable. I’m not sure it’s worth buying a Peak ELite short. I’m thinking of making a fleece cover for the full length Peak Elite, though.

Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus. I’ve fallen back in love with this rucksack. The only problem I had was one of the prongs of the hip belt buckle broke. I need to find a replacement.

Super Delios water purifier. Worked well again but the bottle sprang a microscopic leak where it gets folded to squeeze the water. I covered it with a piece of duck tape, which is fine, but the bottle itself will fall apart soon with all the creases, I reckon. I could just use the filter with my Source bladders.

M&S Ultra Hipsters. I wore one pair for four days with no problems. No smell, no problem. Excellent. Very comfortable and wicks well.

Western Mountaineering HighLite sleeping bag. Perfect with my modifications. The zip baffle and neck baffle make all the difference. Great for summer. The square box quilting is very effective at keeping the down in the right places.

Paramo Velez Adventure Light jacket. Great as a mid layer or waterproof. I’m still slightly torn between the VAL and the Third Element. If the VAL had slightly longer sleeves, it would probably win.

Golite Wildwood longsleeve. Ideal for sleeping. Material is quite delicate and has already got some catches.


12 thoughts on “Carneddau gear check”

  1. Did you know you cannot get hold of Super Delios anywhere thanks to the problems in Japan? They have none in stock. Shame although I would venture to suggest that people in Japan need them more.

    1. Yes I’ve seen that. I can still use the filter with my Source or Platypus bladders. I’m sure they will be back in stock by the end of the year. The Japanese are a resilient and resourceful people.

  2. Robin , thanks for your thoughts. I have the following questions/remarks.

    Montane Minimus – I have been looking at the Spektr and the Minimus. I think you may have persuaded me that the Spektr may retain less moisture. Both very similar weights.

    Overtrousers – I don’t use these much, but I find my Atomic’s a bit sweaty so the Rab’s may be better

    3rd element – first Paramo jacket I have – absolutely great for breathability and great hood. The gilet option has worked well. Just somewhat heavy to carry. But the gilet saved me needing any additional insulation.

    Highlite- looking at this and the Summerlite. What in your opinion gives the Highlite the advantage over the Summerlite other than a weight saving ?

    1. I think Phil had some reservations about the Spektr, so worth checking Personally I loathe elastic cuffs.

      TBH, if you don’t have someone who can do the zip baffle and neck baffle on the HighLite (like my mum!), I think the Summerlite is probably a better bet.

      1. The elastic cuffs on the OMM Cypher are ok (with thumb-loops) but I can readily see how it would depend very much on individual preference. It annoys me, for example, that I cannot wear a watch whilst wearing that and/or the R1 which also has thumb-loops but I’ve taken to tying the Vector to my sternum strap instead which, in fact, is better. Odd how these things evolve over time.

        Mark – I love my Summerlite but I have to warn you that the water resistant outer shell is anything but. Other than that, it’s a great bag.

  3. Robin,
    Have you had any condensation resulting in the foot of the sleeping bag getting damp when using the Equinox bag cover? (Sorry readers i know Robin hasn’t mentioned the Equinox here but seeing that it was a gear post i thought i would ask.)

    1. I’ve only played about with it and haven’t used it seriously so I can’t really give an answer. My guess is that it should be ok in most conditions as the top is quite breathable.

  4. Robin,
    Send an email to Delios UK and see if they will send you another bottle.
    Offer to send them your old bottle so that they can assess the failure point.

    I know there was a lot of comments about the bottle size being too small but to be honest i now find it ideal when using it to fill a platy of 1 or 2 Litres.
    I don’t want a bigger bottle.

    email to Mr Yasuyo Fujimoto at

  5. Dear Robin,

    Hope you are well and thanks for your comments and insight into Delios. I noticed you mentioned ‘a microscopic leak where it gets folded to squeeze the water’ and wonder if you could explains to me in detail.

    I apologise for the inconvenience you had encountered. Durability of the Super Delios bottle is one of the features the manufacturer told me, so I would like to find out this issue with the manufacturer.

    However, as I notified on our website, we are behind the schedule of production and hold no stock at the moment. I am very happy to send you a bottle as a replacement but please allow me for more time until I receive stock.

    My contact email is

    Thanks for your time and have a good day.
    Y Fujimoto
    Super Delios Ltd

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