Den Brook Valley Windfarm

In (another) OM windfarm thread, Paddy Dillon put a link to the Den Brook Valley Windfarm protest website. At the risk of igniting another windfarm firestorm, it’s an interesting read. Two things occur to me:

  1. The original objection concerned the problem of ‘amplitude modulation of aerodynamic noise’ or, more commonly, ‘AM’. The developer RES, undertook a study of the noise issue. It took three years for the objector to obtain the noise data, despite a promise by RES to share the data. When the data was finally produced, it was shown to have some serious errors. Is it surprising that people distrust windfarm developers and operators so much?
  2. AM seems to be an increasing problem with the increasing size of wind turbines. This suggests to me that windfarms are less likely to be built near conurbations. It probably means also that they are less likely to be built even in lightly populated rural areas if habitations are affected. This means that windfarms are even more likely to be built in our hills and more especially in Scotland.

5 thoughts on “Den Brook Valley Windfarm”

  1. I have a cunning plan where the turbines could be put that would not have a noise impact or damage what remains of our wild land. Down south I have heard rumours of a town called ‘London’ which has a ring road called the M25. Approx 117 miles long, if you situate a turbine next to it every 200 metres, if my maths are correct you should be able to put up 940 of them. The traffic should drown out the noise. I once watched a documentary on the life of Londoners called ‘Eastenders’ and they never go more than a few hundred metres from their houses. Therefore they may not even notice the turbines.

    Job done.

  2. I t seem at last that public outcry is having some effect in that the Welsh Assembly are now trying to call a halt to more and more of these factories and the add ons such as pylons and sub stations. However it is still apparently up to Whitehall.

  3. Robin, Some interesting observations there. Developers in any industry do themselves no favours when they fail to be completely transparent from the earliest planning stages such as EIA and then throughout the project. Not wanting to fan the flames this is an interesting academic piece on AM and to a lesser extend wind noise in general. Possibly slightly dated but not a bad read if you like this sort of thing.

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