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Montane Minimus Jacket – Although it rained a lot, I was in the tent most of the time so it didn’t get a good soaking. I wore it on the last part of the climb up Harter Fell and part way down the other side, but there were only a few spots of rain. Nonetheless, it seemed to breathe as well as eVent and was comfortable. I’ll need to wear it in heavy rain before I can make a final judgement. However, I really like the cut, the features and the material. From a design perspective, it’s the best hard shell I’ve worn. I’ll give another update when I’ve worn it in sustained rain. Thanks to Webtogs for providing it.

Rab Drillium Overtrousers – Like the Minimus, these was hardly tested thoroughly, but first impressions are good. They are certainly not as sweaty as the Montane Atomic OT’s or Berghaus Paclite OT’s, albeit a bit heavier (240g).

Montane Litespeed/Patagonia R1 Pullover – The Velcro cuff mod was excellent, making the Litespeed much more adaptable in a range of temperatures. The R1 was a bit warm, so I might get a lighter weight fleece pullover. Nevertheless, it’s a great bit of gear. I’m in two minds whether I prefer this combo to my Velez Adventure Light. It’s more flexible but I still found myself missing my VAL.

Rab Generator jacket – Just great. Best synthetic insulating jacket I’ve had.

Salomon Fastpackers – A joy to return to. I’m not sure I should bother with any other boots!

Golite Wildwood long sleeve – Lovely for sleeping in and incredibly light (106g). However, it’s easy to “catch” the material and a loose thread has appeared. It’s really better as a sleeping/camp site top than a walking top.

MLD Gaiters – I wore these for the first time and really liked them. Being eVent they breathed well and are very light (101g) for gaiters. They also don’t droop, unlike some other designs. Well worth carrying for marshy ground.

POE Peak Elite AC sleeping mat – Very comfortable. The only drawback is that it is quite slippery. I put some silicone sealant on the base to stop it sliding, but the sealant peeled off.

Satmap 10 – I was in two minds whether to bother but I was glad I took it. It was used mainly to check my position, but it was also useful when navigating fields. I used the lithium battery. With the tracking switched off the battery life was astounding. It still had a good charge even after one and half day’s use.

Rest of gear – nothing much to report. It all worked well.

12 thoughts on “Other gear”

  1. Nice bit of kit the Drillium trousers. I wore them nearly every minute of the Challenge (not in bed mind!) and I never got sweaty and the rain simply beaded and ran off. Shame they are on the baggy side though, would have been better if they made the fit a bit tighter on the legs.

  2. re the POE, how sturdy is that? I’m looking to get one for the HRP, but concerned about punctures…only ever used CCF mats but after a couple of weeks a more comfy option is needed! I’d be using inside an MLD soul bivi with maybe a torso sized bit of thin plastic sheet underneath…no groundsheet

    1. No problems yet, but I think it would be quite vulnerable. A better combination might be to take a thin closed cell foam mat (mine is 112g) and a Neoair short (260g) or a POE Peak Elite AC short (244g). The foam will protect the mat from sharp objects and provide back up if the worst happens. Total weight is only slightly more than the full length Peak Elite on its own.

      1. cheers robin. I weighed my half z-lite – almost exactly 200gms, which surprised me. So much more comfort for an extra 44gm with the POE (was def thinking of the short anyway) but carrying 2 pads seems so extravagant. Then again, backache otherwise after week 2, and it gets rocky up there. My full length CCF multimat is 180gms, I have another rubbish one I could cut in half….mmm, more weighing to be done! Thanks for yr advice as always!

  3. High Robin I’ve been considering buying a RAB Generater, looks a nice jacket, but I would prefer something under 300g. Do you have any experiance of the Montebell Ultralight Thermawrap or the Montbell Light Down Inner, or can you suggest something similar?

  4. Robin, I am looking to replace my Atomic DT overtrousers. Just too sweaty inside them. Very light weight but not that breathable. Looking at two Rab products – Drillium or the Off limits. What is your feeling over a few trips with Pertex shield – waterproof and breathable or do you think eVent still has the edge?

    1. I still prefer eVent. It’s cooler and more breathable. Pertex shield is fine if you want reasonable breathability and lightweight (better than Entrant DT) but I still think eVent is more comfortable. I also like the cut of the Drillium OTs. It’s a shame they’ve not got longer zips but they are fine for getting on and off over boots.

  5. Thanks Robin. I like the look of the Drillium’s – only problem I see is the leg length of Rab waterproofs seem quite long compared with others and I don’t have the longest legs – 29-30″ where Rab are 32″ in Large. I may get into a medium as my waist is 32-33″ – so would help a bit. Just a bit concerned that they may drag on the ground a bit – so may have to go to a slightly heavier product such as Montane eVent Venture

    1. I’m a 34″ waist and have the Large. I’m a 30″ inside leg and not found them too long. They have an adjustable elastic cinch at the bottom of the leg. I’ve measured the inside leg and they are 31.5″. The knees have the best articulation of any OTs I’ve had. The material is also pleasantly soft. Except for not having long zips, they are the best OTs I’ve had.

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