The weather magnet

I returned from the Lake District this afternoon. The blogpackinglight weather magnet was in good working order. Thursday was a washout, but I was camping at Seathwaite Tarn in a very pleasant spot, so I wasn’t too put out. It did knock the plans for the next day for six, but such is life. Friday night/Saturday morning saw another epic downpour. Two for the price of one! I’ll put together some words and photos over the next few days, although there are likely to be more photos than words. For the gearheads, the Duomid and OookWorks inner worked very well, both in keeping me dry and sheltering me from some moderately strong winds. More later.


4 thoughts on “The weather magnet”

  1. Well done for going out Robin. I’ve been hoping to get away wild camping for the last two weeks, but just couldn’t face struggling against all that wind and rain.

  2. Good news on the weather front 🙂 Now I know I got February wrong – but winter was spot on 😉

    A culmination of a number of systems is leading to the UK having yet more record breaking weather.

    June and July is set to be the warmest and driest in many years with August looking bloody awful.

    Good for walking bad for reservoirs.

    According to a number of reports (netweather being an excellent one) all this ‘nice’ weather is kicking in from June 2nd.

    My own guess would be a sustained period of dry and warm conditions for the north of England and Wales with a mixture of brief thundery showers from time to time. May well get very humid. I need to know these things to plan my video shoots ya see 😉

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