Golite Wildwood Longsleeve

I received delivery of a Golite Wildwood Trail longsleeve top this week. What attracted me to this garment was it very light (mine is 100g vs. advertised 102g) and claimed to have a silky feel. I wanted a long-sleeved top to use for sleeping and around camp, that could also double up and be used in the day if necessary. Until now, I’ve tended to use a Berghaus ExStatic longsleeve zip or a Montane Terra longsleeve top (both 165g).

I really like my Rohan Ultra T-shirt (62g) both as a base layer and for sleeping. It’s very light and silky, evaporating sweat quickly. However, I prefer to sleep in a longsleeve top. The Wildwood is very similar in feel to the Ultra,  using a thin polyester fabric with an antimicrobial feature.

Rohan now do a longsleeve version of the Ultra but just in black, so I thought I’d jazz up my wardrobe by going for the Wildwood in red. The material seems slightly thicker than the Ultra, with the exception of the panels under the arms. There’s also a small pocket at the hip on the right hand side.

It feels very comfortable and pleasant to the touch with a slightly odd warm and cool feel to it. I think it will be ideal for sleeping in and to wear around camp. I suspect it will also be effective as a base layer garment if needed. It has a SPF factor of 50. The fit fairly relaxed. The only thing I don’t like about it is being an advertising billboard for Golite. It cost £35.99 from Ultralight Outdoor Gear.


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