Adjustable cuffs part 2

Having experimented with an old Montane Litespeed jacket, I took the plunge and adapted my newer Litespeed. This time, rather than cutting the elastic cuffs off, I unpicked the stitching securing the elastic with a cunning little tool. It took a bit of patience to start if off without damaging the material, but it worked well.

Having removed the elastic, I trimmed the ragged edge and then stuck the fold of material with some McNett silicone sealant. This produced a really neat finish. The next job was to sew the pieces of velcro on the cuffs. It was a bit fiddly, but my experience from the previous jacket helped me (especially when threading the needle!). The stitching is a bit neater but won’t win any prizes.

By not cutting the elastic off, the sleeves are a bit longer. I’m really pleased with them now. I can cinch them tight or have them loose. They also roll up easily for ventilation. The mod makes the Litespeed a much better jacket and a lot more flexible. Go on Montane, change the design, and while you’re at it, gives us some chest venting zips.

Click on pictures to enlarge:


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