Adjustable cuffs

I don’t understand why Montane insist on producing their excellent windshirts/jackets with elastic cuffs rather than adjustable ones. I’ve found elastic cuffs restrict venting. Other than insulating garments, I much prefer adjustable cuffs. I could use my Fuera Pull-on as a windshirt instead, but it is a lot heavier than my Litespeed.

As I have a slightly aged Litepseed, I decided to see whether I could adapt the sleeves with Velcro closures. As you might have gathered from my repairs on my Scarp, I’m not exactly an ace with a needle and thread. The first step was to cut off the elasticated cuffs. This was not quite as straightforward as I thought. The gathering in the material meant a slightly jagged finish. The next hurdle was to make a seam on the cuff. Instead of sewing, I decided to use some silicone sealant (McNett) to glue a seam. This was a bit messy, but a lot easier and neater than sewing.

The second step was sewing the “hooked” velcro onto a vertical sleeve seam. Before attaching to the sleeve, I folded over one end and secured with a few stitches to have a tab to pull on. Attaching the other end to the sleeve was easy. Next I sewed two pieces of the “fluffy” velcro onto the cuff. One secures the matching tab with the sleeve fully opened. The other secures it with the cuff tightened around the wrist.

Hey presto! I now have a Lightspeed jacket with adjustable cuffs. The sewing is not that neat, but it’s not visible. Coupled with a fleece, I reckon this will be quite a versatile combination. The extra venting option of opening the cuffs, especially going uphill, ought to make the Litespeed a lot more comfortable. If I was any good at sewing, I’d like to add a couple of short venting pit zips, but I think that’s beyond me! Another benefit is that the jacket is now 5g lighter. Pictures below should be fairly self-explanatory.


12 thoughts on “Adjustable cuffs”

  1. What a good idea ! I have never thought about the issue, but come to think about it, this would be a useful mod on my Litespeed. The jacket goes every where with me. Thanks for sharing the idea with us

  2. It’s one of those mods that I often think that I should do when I’m wearing my Montane Featherlite and being annoyed by the elastic cuffs, yet I never seem to get around to it when I’m sitting at home. Maybe one day…

    My Montane waterproof is equally annoying. It does have a velco adjuster, but attached to an elastic cuff so tight as to negate the function of the velcro.

  3. As long as the blade was super sharp, I reackon one of those paper cutter/slicers would have done that well and with a good clean cut too!

    I like the Fuera sleeves it does make the difference! I haven’t seen a pertex top that has adjustable sleeves bar the Buffalo. Unfortunately the chest zip is very limited on the Buffalo.

    1. I have sharp scissors. It’s the gathering for the elastic that causes the problems. Then cutting off the jags is awkward. It doesn’t matter though as folding and gluing gives a clean edge.

  4. Good mod, I’ve been thinking of doing the same on my Montane Extreme smock, the elastic cuffs didn’t bother me until someone else mentioned it, now it does. Of course where cuffs are concerned the ones with stiff rubber snag prone and totally unnecessary velcro tabs are the worst.

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